Welcome to our newest members

Welcome to our newest members


Good to see so many new posters!

Very interesting times for Saints’ fans and forums.


I see Bungle has joined. Is that Bungle from SWF from years back? The Liberal fella? Bungle? Is that you?


What next? The triumphant registration of Master Bates and his amazing gif avatars.


It’s the one from Rainbow.

We’re trying to get Zippy and George.

George said “I don’t think it’s a good idea, Bungle”.

No-one knows where Zippy is, although it has been rumoured he’s a sex worker catering to a very specific niche - people that get sexually excited when they get their tackle trapped in a zip.


Hi all…greetings from Gothenburg

is it any good in here?


it was, until just now. :smile:


Welcome sweatybollox.

Is sweatybollox a Swedish word - perhaps a place or district?

Is it hot there?


Yep , SweatyBollox is a place just outside the wellknown ArsWhole.


I thought SweatyBollox was the Swedish national dish, something like Swedish meatballs, but more moist and fishy.


A little worried I might have broken the rules. From the posts I take it you are all men, I’m afraid there is now a woman amongst you. Be afraid…be very afraid


We have other women posting here. Frankly, I find your post sexist :lou_sunglasses:


well that’s a relief, I do like to start out by upsetting someone


Alpha female is still very much up for grabs, I reckon.

The other cool thing about us having other female members is that I think most of us are past the “Ooh! Look! It’s a woman!” phase.


That’s the wonderful thing about tiggers.


Welcome tigger to this testosterone dominated forum, there are other women members but I’m afraid the male led posts have scared them off! Word to the wise be wary of that Saint Bletch, he may seem nice and kind but he’s not…

BTW are you bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun? And are you the only one?


I said most, not all.


No we are not Rule 1 needs to be invoked

Wheres the pictures :lou_lol:


Begging your pardon Mr Bletch sir, but I’ve had to move Mr BTripz out of his room, as I thought he might find it a little hot and stuffy what with being so close to the boiler and everything. I’ve put him in a nice little spot a couple of levels down from my quarters, and I’m sure it will be lovely and cool for him down there.

I know that Mr BTripz is a very humorous kind of gentleman, so when I heard him pretending to be screaming for me to let him out I knew he was very happy there. I did smile at that, I don’t mind saying. I do seem to have mislaid the key to his dungeon room though - I can’t for the life of me think where I’ve put it, but I’m sure it’ll turn up some time.


Oh relocate Btripz when he respectively asks to stay in the same room as it drowns out the insessant whining of the un-happy clappers. but I ask for one replacement bird and what do I get fuck all.

The chambermaids have been next to useless for the last 4 months as well, I hoped that Tigger would have slotted into that position but she appears to have bailed on us as well.


I was never treated like this when @LouLouMySweet was employed by the company even when I did post nuns in lingerie. I would take this up with your master Bleach Stint but I suspect I would get his usual sarcastic question as an answer!

I demand justice for the boiler room 1