⚽ 🇦🇹 Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl

:soccer: :austria: Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl


Basically the message to the players is … pucker up sweethearts, it’s going to be my way or the highway, buckle yourselves in as we’re about to jump to hyperspeed.


2 seasons too late imho…
MoPe’s holiday camp is finally over. And Sparkys’ I’ve been doing this too long I’m bored attitude has gone.
Hoo Rah!


From what he has already said it feels like we have a manager with a plan. None of the usual sucking up comments about facilities ect but straight talking tactics, and straight talking messages to the players to step up or get out. He didnt soft soap the performance against Spurs and he didnt ignore then, Instead he identified the problems and said quite clearly our defence was shit. He is walking into the job with his eyes wide open and being honest. Its really refreshing.

first time since the Kooman someone has been honest ie when he said our academy players were not good enough for him. It was a statement of fact in his opinion. Its what a manager in my opinion needs to do. Ralf obviously wont make that call yet and because he wants to rely so much on athleticism he is confident he can promote some. I look at C Chambers under Potch for an example. He looked a great player when he was told to use his key strenghs of runnings. He has been been found out not to be so good when he has to rely on technique. If he can identify key strenth of our players and not treat them all as potential Zico Zidenes which they are not I am now hopefull by Jan we will start moving up the table.

My one regret is as someone else said is the international break would have been ideal time for the change. of course it may be all bullshit but this bloke is a football manager not a under nine coach living of his past footie skills. very quickly he has given me hope and that is all I wanted. If we are going to be a mid table club then I want us to be an entertaining one capable of taking some top scalps and not relying on draws with stoke and palace to stay out of the bottom three


Can’t see us picking up any points against Stoke this year.


For those that haven’t seen it


o come all ye Hüttl
tactical and ambitious
o come ye, o come ye
to Southampton…

(idea shamelessly nicked from Saintslist!)


Next season might be another story though … :persevere:


I didn’t think Stoke were doing that well in the Championship…

Oh, I see what you did there, o ye of little faith


Nicked from youtube:

Katarina went to Germany to buy some apple strudel,
She got a manager instead
His name is Hasenhuttl


Oh I do like that … it’s set my Friday up rather peachy. I can already see myself on the “Friday (or everyday) Bletch (cunt) Drinking (but only cheap beer)” thread !

Tres bon SCD xx


This made me laugh loudly (or lol as the youngsters would say).


yes - my mind went blank thinking of mid table clubs - ive been too focused on the bottom - as steve bruce once said


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(Also I love the change of manager at saints).


Nope. Can’t be done.


Sorry @Spudders, I’m on mobile in a pub and am too hungover to tell you how to do it.

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Ah cool, another thing where there are several ways to do the same thing… this forum format is crazy! :slight_smile: Maybe if I spent more time on it I might just get used to it I suppose? :thinking:


Enjoy the pub, happy Friday sir :slight_smile:


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It’s simple really @Spudders, you really do need to drag your arse, kicking and screaming, into the century of the Rabbit Hutch…


What’s a Modal?


Just watched the presser and am stupidly optimistic about our future.

Right now Hutch’s appointment seems like a real coup.

I know we’ll either grow to despise him or he’ll be poached after 18 months, but I’m fucking looking forward to how he will transform our squad.