⚽ 🇦🇹 Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl

:soccer: :austria: Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl


Fucking Klopp, hase is a hare not a fucking rabbit, ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen


Just listened to the press conference. He sounds confident and seems to know what he’s doing. Speaks good English too.

Aiming to push the current players to their limits to see who is physically and mentally tough enough for how he wants to play. If they can’t cope then he’ll bin them off.

First impressions are very good and he feels like the tonic to getting the most out of this bunch. Overall I’d be shocked if he doesn’t have a positive impact.





Well if he doesn’t start winning soon it will be “Cunt of the Alps”


Like I said Ha-zen! Get in :lou_is_a_flirt::lou_lol:




Was that not Alpine Saint?


I think I’ll stick with the correct Anglicised pronunciation thank you. :lou_lol:


That’s what you call dogged defending.


I Think the game against Arsenal could be interesting after RH has had over a week to get his ideas across.


Would harsh ti expect a result with only a week or so with the side, but would like to see some indication of the direction we might be headed in.

I wont judge him until next season, whatever division we are in. If we are serious about reinvigorating the club, we need patience and to give the guy time to build his side.




Ask @tigger



Just finished listening to the presser. I’ve not been as excited about a manager since RK. As others have said, well spoken and (hopefully) will whip the players into some resemblance of a team since we are not a washing machine :lou_lol:


Think this could be a good 4-2-2-2 Valery Bednarek Stephens Targett…Hojbjerg Armstrong…JWP Redmond…Obafemi Ings


Bit harsh on Lemina.


Peh and arm can crack one in from distance.


PEH has finally (after plenty into Row Z) found his radar thankfully


Just watched one of those training vids on FB.
Even PEH seemed to be blowing out his arse. That looks positive.
Equally Romeu was involved. Now, if Ralph2 can get him back firing we may have a chance of helping out our woeful CBs


Did you also notice that the training looked like it was under the lights at Staplewood ? First time in a few months that the lads haven’t been out the ground in time for a lunchtime pint I’d wager …

Makes you wonder if all the comments about “looking unfit” etc. might not have been unfounded.

I too am feeling positive after a long while feeling not.