⚽ 🇦🇹 Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl

:soccer: :austria: Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl


He’s smiling in that picture @tigger


How long do we give him? Is 1 game 45 mins too long?



Ralphy Hasenhuttl,
Gonna teach us how to shootl,
And get us playing proper footbl,
And if he doesn’t he’ll get the bootl…


Welcome Ralph!


Fingers crossed nobody told us that we couldn’t get Pellegrino… He could be the real deal. :crossed_fingers:


Q: how long before the whole management team are called Ralph?

A: no one gives a fuck if he does as well as all the managers called Ronald.

Welcome RH!


From all I’ve read so far, he looks like an excellent appointment. Interesting, too, that Saints had him on the radar a few years back, but got Koeman at that time. Certainly sounds like a man who wants his teams to produce football that’s good to watch and effective too.

Oddly, given Les Reed’s recent departure, I’d have to say that Hasenhuttl looks far more of a Reed kind of appointment than Mark Hughes ever did. It’s a funny old game, football.


Hope he does well. I’ve got 30000 pairs of these to shift:

I don’t know where this Hassenhuttl means rabbit hutch comes from!! Another urban myth started by Pompey fans no doubt.


First Austrian manager in premiership for what it’s worth.

Anyone think of any other successful Austrian leaders? :thinking:


I don’t know where this Hassenhuttl means “rabbit hutch” comes from, probably another urban myth started by Pompey fans ¯_(ツ)_/¯



For the record I’m over the moon Brian, but a couple things I read gave me pause for thought.

Raphael Honigstein (anglophile German journo) said that he suffered in the second season at Leipzig and was criticised for not being more expansive - he’d also taken over a promoted team with momentum (I believe).

So we might be getting a full press merchant but perhaps one that isn’t as entertaining as Klopp’s teams.

I’ll take that though. In fact just someone who believes religiously that the game should be played in a certain way is good enough for me.

I’ll give him three games.


I’m not sure you will ever get that unless you have players of the same calibre and pace as Mane (:disappointed:), Salah and Firmino.


Is the zonal marking comment a dig at Hughes? I repress most memories of us trying to defend so I cannot for the life of me recall if we (attempt to) mark zonally or man to man.


You’re about as clear on this as our defenders.


If only they were clearing more often



Imho certainly seemed that way at corners and would be an excuse for our defenders marking space not players


Hoedt was marking in a different time zone from what I’ve seen.