⚽ 🇦🇹 Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl

:soccer: :austria: Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl


Can’t wait for his first team selection and subsequent melt down

im betting on Car Thief; seesaw, hoedt, yosh, bertie, jwp, hoj, lemina, redmond ffs, schlong; fatboy


i think he meant “mental”


Why “Redmond FFS”? He’s been our best player this season, or is that just me that thinks that?


I am struggling to get over the previous two seasons

If the missus has two affairs and then stays faithful for 6 months, she is still a bitch


See I think it depends on who she has an affairs with… if some smart fat cunt form work, then fair enough… but if bewitched by a tall extremely handsome compassionate love god, than there are times when you have to concede, your receding hairline, beergut and arsescratching manners might no longer deliver the goods



It’s an Italian scooter I think, or maybe a washing machine or ice cream maker possibly.


Maybe? Possibly? Sounds like you’re talking about quasi-modals, and a quasi-modal is a French person with a severe kyphosis.


I sense you have been waiting years to tell that one…



That description rings a bell…


Ffs :lou_facepalm_2:


Your senses serve you well, told a similar joke at uni and no fucker got it, 15 years stewing in unappreciation until this fine day :lou_smiley:



What? What have I done now?



Just watching the press conference. He seems very switched on, and rather determined to make his mark, which all seems good. After the pelters I’ve given Mr Krueger on Twitter, interesting to hear that Ralph and Ralph did much of their business in German.

Most of all though, it’s nice to be arsed about a Saints game again. Watching the Saints of the last few seasons has not been fun.


So Krueger can also talk utter bollocks in German. Is there anything he can’t do?


Yes, speak plainly.


Plain bollocks?


I think a few could be for the door as they’re little girls and can’t take a bit, Austin a cert as he is fat, we could use him as a target man but the ball will bounce of him or he’ll eat it, Long may get more running around for an hour, the defence? Where do I start, all centrebacks aren’t fit for purpose. Forster will stay as he is so highly paid, Davis will probably be surplus to requirements which is a shame but there we go.


We get the full treatment from David Squires this week.
He is clearly in live like us with our new manager.
David Morrisey


I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before… :thinking: