⚽ 🇦🇹 Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl

:soccer: :austria: Welcome Ralph Hasenhüttl


Chaps, chaps, you’re all wrong. What they were doing wasn’t called “marking” it was called “ball watching”.



This should be ralph’s first signing, heart, desire, willing to chase the ball all day…


The hand of dog!


not really sure it is an improvement…the smile I mean


The smiling or the dog in goal?


Doggo Maradona…


Dia-dog Mara-dogger.

He’d have to share the name with @saintbletch, who uses it as an alias when walking the towpath.

Even if the Argentinian super keeper did transfer to Southampton, the poor bastard would be stuck in quarantine chokey while we made sure it didn’t have rabies.


Rabies would certainly improve his dribbling!

BOOM! BOOM! :fox_face:


Seriously, this is a real coup. Great appointment!, I really hope Saints fans give him time. His style of play requires a pre season of full on fitness to enable the pressing, It took Klopp at least a season, even Pep. It’s not his squad even, so he needs time :slight_smile:



He’s just checked his online bank account :slight_smile:


So that we get teh song Rhymes correct… pedant alert, the correct pronunciation of is name in German is


(is not quite a ‘hoot’ sound, but we dont have a combination of vowels that will deliver the required sound that I can think of right now…

Thought you should know


Sounds like a right old hoot …


The Forum Educational Front considers its duty to provide pedantry on a daily basis


Hassenhootle is how to pronounce the name…he’s live on all club platforms at the moment.


@Intiniki is going to love him…he’s a bit of a clean-cut hunk.
Well he does it for me anyway :lou_lol:


Nah slowly single s in German is always pronounced as a z and in zen, double ss as in Hasslehof /is more ‘gas’ sound etc…

I know this as Ich speaks da lingo


Well tell “Ich” to fuck right off…that’s how Ralphieboy pronounced it himself…he speaks Austrian German. :stuck_out_tongue:



… I stand by my correct pronunciation… the Austrian dialect does not change the ‘zen’ (man)