We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


Ah ha!


Oh Lords @saintbletch what have you done :lou_eyes_to_sky:



Just tried to reset my style preference to “Vincent” and clicked “make this my default”. It changes but when I go to view latest topic it reverts to the og style. Does that mean the default style is set for everyone?


Ah, I’m a twat, found it…

On your mobile device there is a second drop down on the right, interface is under that…


Try again and look at the bottom for Save.

Might not be that but I’ve fallen for that more than once.

You should be able to do what you’re trying to do.


It is that, I did the exact same thing 4 times would you believe :lou_facepalm_2:


Right gotcha…works now. :blush:


User error.

Thought so.




Has everybody turned on notifications for their browser?

And if you’re on Android, have you turned on the system notification? (system tray pull-down).


I’m loving this new site…surprising how quickly you can find your way around…apart from the occasional brain-fade.

Very intuitive.


I’ve used AS dark and I liked it. I’m now on Vincent and it seems cleaner and easier to look at. I’m in camp Vincent at present.


I actually hate pink as a colour. I really have quite strong feelings about it.


The white writing on black isn’t great for my eyes. The white background isn’t either but I am used to it. Looking forward to seeing something different.


Click your username.

Go to the Preferences tab.

Select the Interface bit.

Choose a more pleasing theme ( we have three dark ones ).

Save changes. Job’s a good’un.


Yep have done that all but there are only 4 choices. 3 of which are black backgrounds which aren’t good for my eyesight. So i will stick with default until more are available. Fingers crossed one with a pale coloured background.


What background and primary text colour is best for you Niki?

I’ll try to mock something up.


Black text is fine, maybe on a pale grey. I have coloured filters which are pale pink (arghh) and turquoise. I have visual stress so black text on white moves around.


Green on black, Wyse terminal style :sunglasses:


@Intiniki, go to your themes and try out the Intiniki’s theme.

It’s the default theme with a very light grey background.

If you don’t like that shade of grey, I’ve got another 49 to choose from.