We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


Haha, funny guy. :lou_lol:



Only half joking Lou about it being all worthwhile.

Part of the reason to move to the new forum is because it’s MUCH better at updating absent posters about what is going on.

You getting a mention and therefore an email is one example, but the Digest emails (that are turned off at the moment) give you a list of the most interesting topics that have been discussed since you last logged on.

Hoping that will pull a few more back.


That’s great news.

I’m at 9.51 - thanks for asking.

And no matter whether you never log back on again, your name will be being typed countless times a day with your penis emoji.


That won’t be the first time the blokes on here have been thinking of you whilst touching something with their fingertips.



As always, you have a beautiful way with words, Bletch. :lou_is_a_flirt:

Just had a look around the site - it does look great! Less ‘fringe-conspiracy’ vibe and more footie…bet it will boost your numbers considerably. But I’m generally trying to spend less time online…always seems to take me down to a 6.5 and no gal can survive that kind of ratings drop!


Funny how? Like a clown? Like he’s here to fucking amuse you?

If so, that’s very much the case. Welcome back, Lou.


Can I just say that the site is far too blue for a Saints site?

Can we get a redder Bootstrap theme, my good man?


What’s wrong with a bit of blue for the dads*

*copyright Peter Kay


What if though, a Sotonian’s old man said “be a Pompey fan!”?.

You’d have no sympathy for the old man if the response was “fuck off, Dad, you’re a cunt”.

Dads can take their fucking blue and shove it up their arses, unless accompanied by majority yellow and an FA Cup Trophy.


Tbf I was thinking porn rather than Pompey, hence your up the arse reference?



I don’t like the fact that I’ve got a bunch of notifications illustrating all the times that by Sotonians acclamation, I’ve been an utter fucking helmet.

I don’t mind that those posts are automatically hidden


Yep, right now I’ve setup 3 themes and whilst none will be red enough for you, they can be changed easily.

Take a look in your user settings (click you icon in the top right, click the cogs) -> Preferences -> Interface.

Any of these themes can be customised with the inbuilt CSS editor.

Right now Discourse is running a competition to design themes and colour schemes so expect more choice soon.

Details of the competition here.

And take a look at the excellent theme designer here.

You’ll need to create an account there to do it, but it’s the same interface the admins have access to here, @pap so no need for us.


FYI, this is the Vincent theme - which I’m quite partial to.

Not only is it visually different it feels less busy to me.


And this is the AS Dark theme.


I’ve gone for AS dark. I’ll express feelings later.


Ye Olde mind is blown


I quite like the Vincent theme…no problem with the blue. Should we be offering a pink based coloured theme for the ladies. :wink:


All through the development and testing phase I’ve been using AS Dark which is really restful on the eye, but recently moved to Vincent.

There is something about the space between the screen elements where the background shows through that makes it look spacious.

Also any videos or embedded media occupy the entire width of the post column which looks cool. Vincent should also come with about 6 different colour schemes but couldn’t figure out how to access them yet.

On the ToDo list.


Do you have to resize the pictures manually to retain proportions as with the old software or does the site software auto resize to display?


It automatically handles proportions and if the resolution is there, tapping or clicking on the image will zoom in.

I HOPE you’ve seen that you can simply copy and paste an image directly into the editor?

Like this…


Just upload it from disk.

No need to upload and host an image somewhere else then link to it.

Infact, the Android (and I presume iPhone) version will allow you to click upload and then take a photo and have it uploaded straight away.

Going to make post-match drinks a bit messy I fear.


Cool picture…where did you get that? :wink:
So the site will host your pictures just by uploading from a file on your computer…that’s a major boon.


No interface preferences on my mobile device :man_shrugging: