We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


Got it. Thanks B-man.


And how do we do the @ thing here? I want to ask where the mighty ostrich is but I want to @ him


Just type @ and then keep typing the name until you find the right person.


Can we still change a user name to something else like on the old site, like:

@Powercrazed 4th rate web developer


Clearly not.



You can* BUT all of the mentions of @Cobham-Saint will not be changed.

* Or at least it can be done - might be something only admins can do.


Excellent search facility. I’m impressed with that.
And i’ve just been reminded we can see who’s typing(@CobhamSaint)

Down side, when I zoom in(mobile) the header just fills the screen. Old site didn’t do that. Is it fixable?


Well I’ve been running a mirror of the old Sotonians on Discourse for about the last year and whenever I wanted to search for something on the old Sotonians, I’d use Discourse to find it.

Re header, I THINK I can set a theme component which will make the header thin, but I can’t make the header not zoom with the rest of the page.

Another to add to my ToDo list.


And yes, the ability to see who is replying and that they are replying is excellent.

Think match threads when you’ll be able to see loads of people about to contribute.

Can’t wait.

I need to get out more.

No really I do.


Are you saying that if more than one person is replying at the same time we’ll see all of them?
That’s cool.


Don’t bother about the header if it’s just me. Have had to get used to it on a few places i read, so will do the same here.
Of course, if you’re the kind of person that that has to fix an issue once you know, feel free.


Perhaps we can do it another way by having a theme with a larger font?

I need that with my eyesight


Font size isn’t an issue normally. I generally zoom on pictures, but seen the old post of me and pap you put up(i could see the names) so zoomed read what we had said. Then got a screen full of nothing i wanted to see.
I could just use the excellent search facility, but i am inherently lazy and that’s not going to change at my age.


OK, I’ve just written something to change the order the posts are appearing in.

I’m sure some old posts will make their way to the top over the next couple of days as the system user reacts to old community flags, but I’ll re-run the script and we should be ok.


Now that I am a “member” what do I become next and how do I become it?


Try clicking or tapping on the image.

If it’s been uploaded with enough resolution, it will zoom in and even zoom in again.

Try this.


Well, I’m not usually given to predicting the future but I’d say you’ve got it in you to go back down to a level 1 user if you don’t watch your step.


Pictures ain’t going to be a problem. That fills the screen more than than the old site.


I’m not RIP! (But I did get an email when you mentioned my name, which is a bit strange!)

Nice new site Bletch! Feels like it might be easier to get straight into football content, which is a plus.



:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

All the long nights, days, weeks months have been worth it to lure @Coxford_lou back.

Missed you miss!

On a scale of 1 to 10. How’s life?