We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


If you see the last poster is the @system user - the gear symbol…


… Then it is Discourse making automatic changes.

These changes make the thread appear at the top of the latest posts list - because they have recently been changed.

As I say this will work it’s way through the system.


We no longer downvotes.

Instead we flag posts by pressing the flag under the post.

You then have an opportunity to say why you’re flagging the post:

  • Off topic
  • Inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Something else

So we will still have a way to respond to Barry-posts.


So how does this forum decide to close thread temporarily if we can’t down vote?

And for a pinned thread, it does seem to be falling down the list.


Hang on, this thread has an uppy pin not a downy pin. What’s the difference


You don’t downvote, you flag a post.

Press the flag symbol under a post or if you’re on mobile press the … And then the flag.

If enough flags are received Discourse will close a topic.

What you’re seeing now in terms of posts being closed and opened is down to the way I brought the old posts across to Discourse.

I’ve just sat and cleared 3200 community flags (downvotes) and they are now working their way through the system.

It won’t be like that when we’re operating normally. Only the odd thread will be closed now and again.


I appear to be classed as a “basic user”. I can only assume this is an oversight. Please rectify immediately and I’ll say no more about it.


Likewise @Fatso

I’m sure @saintbletch will be along to rectify the oversight shortly.


Glad you found that.

Everyone (including you @Cobham-Saint ) is a basic user until they engage in the community.

As you get up-voted, up-vote others, read content, return regularly and post, you will earn trust and one day, son, you might make it to trust level 4 (you’re on trust level 0 at the moment).

At trust level 4 you will be able to carry out some moderation activities.


To be fair we’re mostly untrustworthy



I’ve had a change of heart (and @PhilippineSaint had hit the maximum posts in a day for level 1), so I’ve upgraded some of you to Level 2.

You can lose trust levels too you know.

FYI @pap. @Goatboy, @BTripz.


It appears I took one for the team lads when the bot told me to fuck off for 18 hours and go and do something more interesting instead :laughing:


How do you down vote then wheres the button ?


See here.


Put the knobs at the top RSI injury lawsuits will abound with all the scrolling.


Just type a



Followed by the name of the emoji you want. No need to scroll. Just keep typing.

Lawsuit avoided.

Our old emojis all begin with :lou… as a hommage to their creator.

RIP @Coxford_lou.




Not sure if this is the right place, but can the quoting thing be changed? I’m reading threads where someone has quoted or replied to someone else but instead of seeing the original post, you just get to see that it’s a reply of some sort. Unless I’m doing something wrong? (I’m on my phone btw)


If you click on that reply symbol, it will open up the reply so you can see what has been responded to (if you’re on a desktop) or it will take you up to the original post (if you’re on mobile).

Try it.

The post that was replied to looks like this on the desktop.

This stops you having all those horrible hierarchies of quote within quote within quote within quote things.

It also has the advantage that on the post that has a reply, it will tell you and show you the replies. Like this.


This sort of thing…