🔧 User Avatar Missing on Discourse Mobile

Since the upgrade I did this afternoon (Sunday 29th) there is a problem with the UI on mobile.

Depending on the theme you have selected you may or may not see this, but I think most of you will experience it.

There is a space that appears where once the avatar of the last poster was displayed.

Can you let me know (sensibly please) if you are seeing the space instead of an avatar?


  • Yes - I see the problem - no avatars are displayed and I see a space instead
  • No - I don’t see the problem - I see avatars just like I always have

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I can do a quick fix to remove the space but the avatars still won’t appear. Once I know how widespread it is I can investigate and raise it with the Discourse folks.

I done my vote wrong. I can’t see avatars. I just didn’t realise I couldn’t see them until I looked. After I voted. I think I’ve been Corona’d.

You can change your vote.

  1. Go to the poll again
  2. Click Show vote
  3. Change your vote

@Goatboy are you on a wide display - tablet?

Can you send a screenshot?

I see avatars to the right of the text if I minimise my screen

That’s on my phone

Sorry, took me a while to close all the snuff porn.


It looks like your phone has a wide enough display to be using the widescreen layout (which doesn’t have the same problem).

If you get a moment, can you close the browser tab and then go into sotonians.com again afresh.

Does the screen look the same as the image you posted?

As an example, this is what a widescreen layout should look like at the moment…

Exactly the same if I pinch it down in size

Ah shit. Me too. Doh

But if I just open it as is it looks like screenshot above

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As you can see from this your phone is wide enough to be using the widescreen format so this doesn’t apply to you. Ta.

It looks like everyone on a narrow enough mobile is likely to see the same problem.

I’ll have to take a look tomorrow after work.

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Is this a Corona?

Why are you only interested in mobile devices? My laptop, running Firefox, has the same issue. It also doesn’t show the list of frequent contributors to a thread on the right side of the screen.

Same issue or similar?

Screenshot please?

God, it’s always want, want, want with you, isn’t it bach?