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:gun: US Gun Violence


Most European countries, well Netherlsnds and Germany, Turkey used to, have a policy of not naming mass shooters. They are referred to as first name x … no photograph.



I saw someone tweet that he had received money from NRA.


Marco Rubio has no shame



As the man says…it ain’t fucking normal. It ain’t fucking normal.


I keep asking. Why is this on the news agenda? That these type of incidents dominate the American news agenda is not a surprise.

Why is it _our _news? Why is it relevant to us, or any other part of the world apart from the US?

The death of any innocent is a tragedy, but there are innocents dying every day, parents that suffer the death of a child every day, and children that become orphans every day, in far greater numbers than the average and depressingly regular mass shootings in America.

If the debate had advanced any, then I could understand continued coverage worldwide, but it hasn’t. These murderers get global coverage, the gun lobby in America continues to wield its influence. If anything, the problem has predictably escalated.

I honestly don’t know what good the global coverage does. At best, it allows countries with gun control policies to feel glad they’ve made those policies, and to be wary of treading a similar path to the US on the issue, but that’s me being very charitable. The rest of the world ain’t exactly hankering for guns. I’m sure the NRA nuts would yell “that’s how they want you, bro!”. Contagion hasn’t been great, but at worst, it provides inspiration for other would-be mass shooters across the world.

Let the bereaved grieve in peace and stop giving these cunts the oxygen of publicity and the opportunity for infamy.


I think it likely the makers of AR-15s will be touting their wares as “the choice of the decerning mass-murderer” in the years to come. Can’t let all this free publicity go to waste. :lou_eyes_to_sky:



Excellent news. Good job the Americans have trump.


It was sort of predictable.

Apparently these are his notes for when he talked to some of the victims.


Where’s that photo from? Is that genuine? I honestly find the modern world difficult to decipher.


Great photo. It’s kind of worrying that nothing really surprises you anymore with Trump.


Its doing the rounds on twitter and a few news sites. I’ve seen another photo where his right hand isn’t holding it and you see more of the writing. Fake News? Or more evidence of just how utterly clueless he is?


Right click google image search. Nothing similar



Did anyone see the NRA conference type thing earlier? The VP of the NRA was speaking and confirming that they’re all a bunch of fucking loons. Was genuinely frightening listening to him. If I can be arsed I’ll see if I can find a link to it. Mike Pence was due to speak after this chap but I didn’t catch what he said.

NRA weirdo link



Maybe someone should whack the families of every member of the ruling council of the NRA. The let’s see if these twats “get it”


The NRA responds

Only in America…