🔫 US Gun Violence

News keeps getting worse. Now fear 20 dead and 100 injured.

Local opened up with a machine gun from 30th floor into a Country concert crowd.

Not a terror attack they say…

Once again Americans prove that they are more of a threat to each other than Muslim terrorists. At what point dont they get that you cant allow people access to these type of weapons? Sickening.

Seems Twitter have taken down the tweet by David Sakach from the concert where you could hear the shooting.

It was non stop bursts of automatic fire.

Wait for the numbnuts gun lobby to start saying “if the only all the crowd had been properly armed, they could have defended themselves”.


Terrorism with a political or religious motive has nothing to do with this, how can you merge them for your agenda is beyond me.

To be fair Barry, many things are beyond you. There is nothing wrong with making the point that Americans are a greater threat to each other than terrorists.


There was a woman interviewed as she was leaving Vegas (because she didn’t feel safe) who said (and I paraphrase) “I wish I had my guns with me…” :lou_facepalm_2:


What was the motivation here?

You’re above statement implies that you know.

If you don’t know, how you can dismiss things for your agenda is beyond me.

50 dead now…so, so needless

Well Muslim religious murderong zealots are given the nutter tag by the defenders of their faith, I’d say he was a madman wouldn’t you?

Why didn’t you say terrorist then as opposed to Muslim?

Couldn’t readily see any sort of condemnation on the NRA website - unsurprisingly


Suspected shooter (now dead) named as Steven Paddock, a 64-year-old local to Las Vegas. Seems the cops have also aprehended Marilou Danley, who was travelling with Paddock and described as a “person of interest”.

He did. Try reading his post properly.

Barry, the simple point is that Americans butcher each other far more frequently than terrorists (of any description) do, yet they make a bigger fuss about terrorist murders than they do of their own homicidal maniacs. In fact many Americans get angry if you suggest that they shouldnt allowed access to these lethal weapons. Furthermore, they are inclined to visit “shock and awe” and invade countries, killing thousands of people in the process, if anyone from outside the country kills their kinfolk while continuing to arm nutters who kill their own.

Why is this turning into another discussion about Muslims?


Its not, it is turning into a discussion about how that country views different types of murdering psychopaths.

You’re genuniely crazy.

If there is any consistency there should obviously be a travel ban on white Americans, to protect the rest of us. Surely that is the logical response! I am surprised that Hallmark don’t have a dedicated condolence card for this sort of event.