🔫 US Gun Violence

:gun: US Gun Violence


It’s just a different culture. Ad for the Missouri Rep senator.


And this … It’s not a parody.


Even the Democrats have to compete …


I’d vote for him to be fair. No way Corbyn could blindfolded piece together an assault rifle1


Stark Raving Bonkers.


If a child hits another child with a stick do you;

A. Equip all children with sticks.

B. Have specially trained children with concealed sticks.

C. Take away the stick.

Answers please to statingthebleedingobvious.com.


When me and my mates were just little nippers we used to play down the river test in the summer holidays, we’d find sticks and get cowshit on the end and then proceed to chase each other and hit each other with said sticks. We called it ‘shitsticks’.

Ah memories.


Another shooting. 4 killed by a naked man with a gun. Completely normal.


Police say the gunman was naked except for a green jacket when he opened fire and shed it after the shooting.

so he wasn’t naked?

I am naked apart from my shorts


Even the fucking dogs are at it now


Proof positive that guns and dogs don’t mix - or is it American gun carrying dog owner fuckwits are eligible for the Darwin Awards?

I suspect Trump will now sign an executive order to ban dogs


Another one…


How many fatalities before it makes the news in the US? I notice none of my US FB friends have mentioned it yet. :lou_angry:


Should we change the title thread? “US gun violence”


Give it time Niki…bound to be another Vegas shooting soon.





Surely by now Hallmark must have a dedicated condolence card for this sort of event.


That’s one of the saddest things I’ve heard in ages


Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore did a comparison of gun ownership vs gun violence.

Per capita, the Canadians had more guns around than their southern neighbours, but no mass shooting problem.

For me, I think it comes down to a combination of factors. First, the US are massively segregated in a way that we are not. I am not going to pretend we don’t have problems. Some of the stories about British people doing better in job interviews when they apply with an English sounding name tell us that we’ve not sorted it all out.

Second, there are reports that most of these shooters were on drugs of some kind, usually prescribed. That is something that almost never surfaces in the main news reports, which uniformly explain it all away with the lone nutjob excuse. It must be wearing pretty thin with anyone raising kids in the US.

In summary, you’ve got an over-medicated, over-segregated society where guns are readily available, and where the gap between richest and poorest, in terms of wealth and population distribution, would not be unfamiliar to a member of the Roman Empire’s optimares.

It’s a recipe for disaster. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they happen so often.