US Gun Violence

US Gun Violence


The world would be a better place if Kurt Vonnegut was in charge.


I thought Johnny Vegas was missing


There have been 11 school shootings in America since the start of the year. That’s not even a month. They don’t even make the news anymore. So the solution seems to be to arm the teachers.


So arm the mentally stable teachers…which ones are those?


isnt their one that gets on fiver web?


Here we go yet again

No doubt the NRA will be saying the solution is more guns & Trump will send his commiserations which will have an effect as much as the square root of nothing.


18 shootings in schools now this year alone. At what point does enough become enough. I spent some time in Seattle a few years ago and dropped my friends’ kids off at the school gate. There was a big sign up saying No Guns Beyond This Point. The signs don’t seem to be working Donald!


The american people are getting what they wanted. I can only think that might be a tiny chance of change if a senior NRA member lost a child in a school shooting. But even then, probably not.


So Florida senator Marco Rubio has proclaimed it’s too soon to discuss whether tighter gun laws could have prevented this attack, but I guess it’s always going to be too soon when there are attacks on a weekly basis.


I think the Americans use the right to carry guns the same as we use the right not to carry identity cards


Can’t see it. They are so ideologically entrenched that you would have more luck getting ISIS to embrace the western way of life.

Their solution will be more people carrying more guns


Yet more children sacrificed in the name of freedom. There just isn’t the will when it’s someone elses kid. Fuck 'em, fuck every last one of those freedom fighters! :lou_angry:


Prayers and condolences.


I don’t think people should be having all these guns, that is a clear Problem, but it don’t explain all these school shootings to me. I mean, ain’t they always had guns? Why are school shootings suddenly so fashionable? They never used to happen so often*. There must be something else going on rip.

* May not be fact? I haven’t checked into it or anything.


Here you go @bearsy , 7 school shootings a month on average since 2012!!


Interest tks

I was more wondering if it was a Common Thing further back. I mean, before internet even. Was there an episode of Happy Days where Potsie goes Postal? I can’t remember.


America is one seriously fucked up country.


We’ve prob got the same societal problems imo. You can’t tell me these kids going round throwing acid in ppl’s faces wouldn’t sooner Say It With Guns.

Fortunately we don’t have a powerful National Acid Association lobbying for continued unrestricted sale of fkn acid.


Yes, the acid thing isnt great. We also have a high level of knife crime. But fortunately you are limited to the number of people you can damage at any one time with acid or a knife. It is all too easy to walk into a shop and buy an automatic weapon that can take dozens of people out at distance in the good old US of A.


Because every budding school shooter knows they’ll be on the news, worldwide, for three days, dead or alive.