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So that’s what Barry looks like.


I see some genius senator is now blaming concert goers.

They should have taken precautions he says…

Gonna have to research Idiocracy the movie tonight. Now seeming to be a documentary not a story


OK… the dumb fuckwits aint ever going to give up their ‘right’… but why is there even no drive to stop the sale of automatic weapons ? Who needs an M16 or assult rifle, weapons designed for ‘assult’, to defend their home or property? The answer is very clear when you look at the 49% of all weapons being owned by Americans… Its HUGE business. Business that supports the NRA and business that supports politicians with campaign funds… the sort of ‘conflict of interest’ that used to be a political death nail, but now seems perfectly reasonable in the US and even here to some extent… (when the fuck did that happen?).The ONLY way such things will ever chnage is if the lobby/funding/support chain from big business influence over politicians is broken…and sadly we missed that boat a long time ago.


Some TV commentators are questioning Hotel check-in policies. I am not joking.

Seriously just how utterly screwed up is their thinking? Total fuckwits indeed.


Watching this, makes me question just how fucking ignorant some fuckers have become… sounds like he spends too much time with a clenched fist of truth up his arsehole


I know that the Americans pride themselves on service, but isnt getting the bellboy to help carrry a small arsenal of guns up to your room taking things a tad too far?


That was Sen John Thune.

Not to be outdone, Sen James Inhofe came out with this.

It’s the existence of “sanctuary cities” that creates a lawless culture fostering mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas, he said.

Two days after a lone white American gunman killed more than 58 people in Las Vegas, what is now considered one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern US history, Inhofe said the country is “inundated with permissive laws” — like those in “sanctuary cities” where local law enforcement doesn’t enforce all federal immigration laws — perpetuating the “cultural problem” behind mass shooting. “That has a lot more to do with [mass shootings] than gun owners laws,”


The NRA has proposed some restrictions

On gun stocks… :lou_facepalm_2:




The US is beyond reasoned debate - and beyond help.

Rather than linking arms with them we need to take a large step away from these people.



I think you’d need to give him a decent tip.


But we need to trade with them and rim them so taht we can feel we have a place in the world? and welike to rim yankee sphincter rather than Euroarse…


Like ‘don’t eat yellow snow’ or ‘if I were you I’d leave town for a couple of days’?




Holy fucking Christ.


Interviewer: There’s a concern about guns and mental health

Mel Bernstein: Yeah, well if you get a brain tumour nobody is going to spot that immediately (here Mel is displaying a shocking lack of understanding about the meaning of mental health).

[The piece ends with Mel walking around his house which is decorated like an American diner from the 60s. He discusses being bullied growing up in New York and having to pay 25c for protection and explains that when he got older it was his turn to do the bullying. As his wife died in an explosion a few years back Mel has no company anymore, so dotted around his home are fabric mannequins - all female. He talks to them (about guns and hotrods), drinks coffee with them, puts knickers on them (only when it’s cold). He’s a good boyfriend he feels.]

I think Mel might have a ‘brain tumour’.

America - land of fruit and nuts.


I’m afraid until the majority of Americans see a link between gun ownership and gun deaths, nothing will change.

Perhaps every American family should have to nominate one of their close relatives as expendable as they seem to be unconcerned when a mass shooting doesn’t involve one of theirs.


1 policeman dead and 4 injured in shooting

There’s a figure at the end of the article that says 15,000 people have been shot dead in America in 2017 (not including suicides). That’s almost beyond comprehension.