US Gun Violence

US Gun Violence


My hunch, for what it’s worth, is that this will turn out to be connected to his high stakes gambling. Probably lost a lot, chased it and did his bollocks. Then flipped.


And there you have it. Yet the liberals are called crazy? Go figure!


Saw that but the maths looks unlikely to say the least

So I’m gonna call that out as Fake News


It’s not high enough. 11686 according to this.


Talking of fake news, this has been identified as a hoax


I don’t seem to be the only one concerned about the instant “lone wolf” classification.

Stephen Paddock’s whiteness has already afforded him many outrageous protections in the media. While the blood was still congealing on the streets of Las Vegas, USA Today declared in a headline that Paddock was a “lone wolf.”

And yet an investigation into his motivations and background had only just started. Police were only beginning to move to search his home and computers. His travel history had not yet been evaluated. No one had yet thoroughly scrutinized his family, friends, and social networks.

Stephen Paddock was declared a “lone wolf” before analysts even started their day, not because an exhaustive investigation produced such a conclusion, but because it is the only available conclusion for a white man in America who commits a mass shooting.


Have the Intercept found out he was in a cell? Point scoring and pointless, if people affiliate themselves to terrorist organisations then they’re surely terrorist? When was the last time there was a Muslim lone wolf as its crudely put murdered?

  1. You haven’t read it

  2. You don’t understand it

  3. You are deliberately missing the point

Which one?

Point scoring and pointless, if people affiliate themselves to terrorist organisations then they’re surely terrorist?

  1. You haven’t read it

  2. You don’t understand it

3)You are deliberately missing the point

Which one?

When was the last time there was a Muslim lone wolf as its crudely put murdered?

  1. You didn’t read it

2)You don’t understand it

  1. You are deliberately missing the point

Which one?

Talking about not understanding, can you explain your last sentence please?


Nevada State law would seem to suggest he was a terrorist.

The state’s statute says an “act of terrorism means any act that involves the use or attempted use of sabotage, coercion or violence which is intended to cause great bodily harm or death to the general population”.

Now we know what to call him at least. Someone tell the sheriff, media and president.


Meh, Sandy Hook was the point of no return. It could be 100 dead, 200, 300. Nothing will change. There’ll be some handwriinging, a vociferous but short-lived debate on gun control and then people will go on as usual. If a guy killing 20 6-7 year olds didn’t change things, this certainly won’t.


What does the last sentence mean? Are you saying that no Muslim terrorist has acted alone?


Its so weird. I really don’t fathom it. You’re right, nothing will change. I’d have thought the people would be so determined to change their country and rid it of this menace…but they’re not. It’s not just politicians or the NRA. The statistics shown on the news last night were startling. 42% of all the civilian guns in the world owned by Americans. 89 guns for every 100 people. They just kept reeling them off. Even after the shooting i saw an interview with a survivor saying that they’d left their guns at home but wish they had them with them. Why? Did they really think they’d take him out through the window on the 32 floor from the ground? They’re all fucking bonkers over there.


There was an American commentator of the radio this morning that was saying this. I’m basically paraphrasing him.

Interestingly, in my experience, when you go to the States, gun ownership and control are never mentioned - like it’s some kind of dirty secret. I’m sure, in the sticks, it isn’t such an issue but in the cities and tourist areas, no one says a word about it, even when you ask them directly.


I was in Washington state for a while in 2003. During a meal with friends one night I raised the issue of gun ownership. The views of the more liberal people around the table amazed me. One lady, who seemed very old style hippyish, said she had her pappy’s gun in the loft and would never give it up. When i gave reasons why I thought their gun laws should be changed they looked at me as if I was mad. They had guns for sale in Walmart FFS!


Sure, you’re never gonna be able to ban guns in America outright, the dipshits over there will never stand for it, but maybe you could make them less cool? Like introduce a law where all guns have to be bright pink with Hello Kitty motif. Or maybe you have to wear Lonsdale trainers to buy one. Or maybe, rather than bang noise, it broadcasts voice saying “I touch children” or “I think Two And Half Men is gd show” or “My daddy gives the best blow jobs” or something like that.

Food for thought.


They would have to reflect this in films too, and retroactively re-dub every action film ever made, Predator and Robocop wouldn’t be the same. I’d still watch them though. And would suppressors just mean the gun would whisper those things? That would be proper creepy.


This is accurate. After Sandy Hook the NRA went dark, no social media, no reaction. After 3 weeks, last time they decided to blamed Rap music, video games and a lone wolf with mental problems. Trump is going for that already, and also using his emotive religious language.


The NRA was originally set up as a club to give advice to hunters to use their guns safely. Nowadays :lou_facepalm_2:

The language is just on the side of legal … “clenched fist of truth” is a metaphor of course.



I’ve seen a few NRA ads on US tv and that Trump speech of support posted on here.

They are seriously fucked up and a dangerous lobby group.

No matter how fucked up the UK is we don’t have (many) guns and those illegal ones in circulation are used by scrotes on each other (mainly)

The US is in denial over the need for gun control and their insistence on the right to bear arms is infantile and based on a false interpretation of their “Constitution”