💤 Unscheduled downtime

:zzz: Unscheduled downtime


Our worst outage ever.

But we rise from the grave!


Was it the ghost of Jack?




Is that Bobby Moore appealing for an offside?


Or David Bowie accepting a posthumous award for his music?

Too soon?


it can never be to soon


I thought I’d been grassed up again…


I’ve just had to restart the server processes. The site seemed to be unresponsive for 10 mins or so.

Anyone else experience this?

One byproduct MIGHT be that you will have to log in again.


Didn’t see it, but people won’t have to relog.

We’ve got a machine key which prevents that from happening.


I had to re-log in, that’s why I suggested others might have to.


The big reset didn’t work on the Sotonians logo still just a circle with a speech bubble in it for me?


Looks like the DB server just went down and came back up.


When it was down and I could see lines of code the logo was visible, Now its gone again ?


Server went down and came back up.


… and I completely lost paragraphs and paragraphs of my thoughts on social integration I was about to post … Godammit !!


Yeah… What Steve said.


I guess we’ll all have to remain socially integrated, or not, as the case may be.


We lost the server for a little while earlier.


It was out of our control but @pap contacted the hosting provider and pulled the “Don’t you know I’m the lead singer with Early Doors?” card and they got us up and running again.


Having said that the server was back up, it went down again.

Apparently @pap pulled the “Don’t you know I’m the lead singer with Early Doors?” card and they turned the server off.

Some people have no taste.

I’m guessing that we could have some further loss of the server today too.