💤 Unscheduled downtime

Had some issues with the server today. Not sure what was going on entirely, but they seem to be resolved now. Thanks to KRG and bletch for letting me know.

Papsweb meltdown on news of the Schniederlin deal


Not good enough.

I don’t pay a fiver for this level of service!


You’re right. You don’t :laughing:


Still seeing some problems. If these persist, I think we’ll look at getting onto more exclusive hardware.

Bah, had some issues this morning after a week of okay running.

Seem to be back now. Keeping an eye on it.

More crap this morning; actively seeking a better hosting solution than we have right now.

Yes, performance does seem to be a bit down, persoanlly I’d ditch the Renault engine and go for Mercedes or Ferrari…

We’re on a shared box, with loads of other sites running. For some reason, the app pool keeps crashing and I can’t really determine whether it is an issue with hosting, something we’ve introduced through data collection, or just contention on a box that is also used by loads of other developers.

Does @OptimusTrousers use the app pool on the server, I should imagine thatis quite and intensive process, so if it does might try suspending him for a while see if that helps??

There’s an explanation for today, apparently.


Ah, just seen your tweets about that too

He does, but I’m not sure that’s the problem. The sort of post load it takes in isn’t huge. Before yesterday, haven’t had to touch the site for a week, but had quite a few issues these last couple of days.

Hi Pap,

i got got this last night and a couple of times this morning. Don’t know if this helps?

Pap : Run faster, Bletch!

Bletch : Yabba dabba doo, Pap


Yeah, it does, kinda - I’ve seen that a couple of times myself.

Thing is with this caper is that you want to be sure that underlying stuff is cool before making any changes.

The bit it’s failing on there is getting the default language, something that the site has probably managed to do thousands of times without a problem.

Worst day ever.

All sorts of weird stuff going on. Really sorry about the mucking about.

Update on this. We’ve been up and down like a tarts knickers today. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

  1. I’m not really fixing anything to get us back online. We just come back.

  2. Other things, which have got bugger all to do with the site, are also down when we are down. This is stuff like FTP, which allows you to transfer files. That entire service was down when I was trying to use it.

  3. I am hoping that it is merely another app on the hosting box which is going mental. While that doesn’t help us in the short term, it does mean that as soon as they identify what is going on, we should be fixed too.

Bloody frustrating.

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Meh - no worries, Pap. Thanks for all your work on this site (and others too).


Ahh, the old intermittent It gremlin. Good luck pinning that down.

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