💤 Unscheduled downtime

:zzz: Unscheduled downtime


When you told me you had server issues, I presumed one of your personal waitresses had finally succumbed to some random STD.


I am distraught, I was writing my finest piece, an apic of put downs and rapier wit combined…


You too?

It put paid to my points per post average!

I would have been up there with the best* of them…

* in the loosest sense of the word.


I’m not sure what an “apic” is but I feel for your loss



Thank fuck… I was in the midddle of what would have turned out to be a complete turd (papslang) of a post, my worst yet


Good to see normal service is resumed then



Sorry about the downtime. Another process on that box was slowing everything else down


I think we had our biggest outage ever today. Wasn’t just us. The whole of hostinguk was down, something of a fucking PR disaster for them, as it turns out that just like us, they are buying their capacity from someone else.

That someone else had major problemos.

Crap service from the hosts, really. Their tech support line just went straight to a dead tone. Crossword Solver, presumably a site that shares space with Sotonians, aptly sent a lot of cross words their way, which is why I didn’t.

All good now. Hopefully a reminder of not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone.


I call a Sotonians meeting over this to brainstorm ways to extend this PR disaster to express how 7 middle-aged men couldn’t post! This is an outrage. As proposee (new word bletch) I set the venue as Morden… If not Wimbledon… 3rd option Wetherspoon’s Eastleigh if beer and expenses included.


What about the Semi-Final, Tokes? Ideal opportunity.


I’ll let you off @pap , I think my employers actually appreciated my heightened output for them…


Has anyone started a semi final meet up thread yet? I refuse as I will not be drinking :lou_angry:


I’m still undecided about going yet…


Wealdstone FC at Ruislip for our coach of pissheads. Short tube ride to Wem-ber-lee.


How so?


Cost? Travelling time? And I’ll be at the Bournemouth home game so i feel guilty about leaving the kids with Mrs Btripz for 2 days in 6…

Most of this is outweighed by the exceptional company and the chance of a showing from @barry-sanchez and @tokyo-saint


I would recommmend buying your ticket. Either use it or sell it.



Oh you know I’m going to be there…is there such a thing as pre-buyers remorse?


Central London / Waterloo for pre beers surely?!