🤳 Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?

:selfie: Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?


Fuck Pap’s vocals, I’m having my bongos right up to 11.


Keep this sort of stuff up, please. Lowering expectations is going to help me immeasurably.


Of course! Chutnet and his guitars! I imagine you as someone who can actually play well. And alongside Pap’s dodgy strumming on his Strat, there’s enivtably going to be a lot of tension in this band…


No, that would be Carl Perkins.


I have learnt I have amazing musical talent. It’s called Mic Drop & crowds (and karaoke DJs) go nuts when I do it.


Fowllyd - I see as the dude on the ukulele wanting to sing folk songs, but slightly drowned out by the noise Pap’s making on that guitar, and Rallyboy on the bongos.


Just a tip on “Stage Presence”…the 5 “Ps”

Prance, Pose, Pout, Point Pelvis.


Exclusive footage of @pap and @areloa-grandee duelling.

Look out of @bearsy on 3 minutes.


Well played OSD, whilst anything with electricity is not normally my cup of tea, I tapped my feet to that (and that cleaner Soundcloud version)

Two recommendations - get that bassist in and get them to layer some vocals on yours.

He/she can do the filling-in and harmony bits.

You’ll have a much fuller sound then.

Good onya for sharing.


Thing is Lou, this is nothing compared to what could happen if you were, like …all … er into star signs and shit.


Strange you should say that, Lou. It’s actually Bletch down to a tee.


I’d like to think so. My amp goes up to 16 though :lou_smiley:


Thanks for that! Was hoping for exactly that vibe :cool:

Yes, bassist on board - check / background vocals - questionable

We had to do the recording as is to enter a national Battle of the Bands down here in Oz, which I am proud to say we got in to!!

Thus the reason for the thin demo and lack of bassist on the trial live run video.

We are rocking it out on the 1st of September, so I’ll naturally keep you all informed of our adventure.

Thank you all for the kind words and support :laughing:


I broke with my usual tradition and sung acapella, to the delight of my colleagues.

Be warned. It may happen tomorrow. Or actually today, as timing dictates.


If you change your seat to Chapel End you could practice singing solo all afternoon



The first fans forum to get a member into XFactor…


Time to bring this thread back from the dead in true Iron Maiden fashion!

Thought this would be the best place to include all of my shameless self promotion…

So, first matter on hand, it’s me birthday today :birthday: Happy birthday to me! So :saints: bring a big scalp home for me :lou_facepalm_2:

Secondly, my first streamed song is up for listening on Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Soundcloud and iHeart Radio to name a few. The bands name is Midnite Kiss and the song is called “High and Mighty”, so if you could all be so kind to give the song a listen and the band a follow, like or whatever the platform requires, that would be ace!

Finally, I hope y’all doing well. Just thought I’d add that :lou_lol:


Happy birthday OSD!


Just a heads up though OSD, that’s not how you spell midnight. HTH.


Cheers @Goatboy

I’ll have a pre match drink down here for all the boys (and girls of course!)

Yes, that was intentional :lou_wink_2: