🤳 Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?

:selfie: Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?


And now for something different, I am in a band and we have a song that I’d like to post a link to for (hopefully) positive feedback but feedback nonetheless.

Is unashamed self promotion the done thing in these parts?

Keep on rocking

  • No, get stuffed
  • Yes, I do want to hear your bands song

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As long as you can accept the criticism when we all decide it’s shit. :lou_wink_2:


Oh Christ what the fuck have you started?

We’ll have a battle of the bands with Pap joining in next



It’s shit.

Where is the link?


You do realise that this forum is soon to be renamed sotonains-and-early-doors.com, don’t you?

I feel we will soon be flooded by videos of aspiring rock stars.


Nooooo! I’ve just a link to soundcloud to 1 song. Promise nothing of the Reality Show ilk.

Here is the link (hopefully)

Hope you like it


I only have two aspirations for My Life, one is to have sexual intercourse with Emma Stone, and the other is to never hear pap sing.

This thread would seem to start of Slippery Slope, but on other hand, if Ozzie Dave posts his music video, and I say something horribly nasty & vicious about it, it may discourage Pap from ever posting his. So, fire away!


“Unashamed self promotion”?

What the fuck else do you think we’re here for? :lou_eyes_to_sky:


It sounds like Foo Fighters to me. Whether that is Compliment or Abuse I spose depends how you feel bout Foo Fighters!


If you do get slagged off I wouldn’t worry too much - looking at other threads, some people on here have musical tastes normally associated with 12-year-old girls.


@bearsy though not “official”, this one’s for you (and Foo Fighters rock!!)

P.S. Fat bastard alert!!


I’m in a coffee shop so can’t listen at the moment.

I can, however, say that I did like the spectral analysis of the Soundcloud track but didn’t like the shirt of the guitarist in the FB clip.


I refuse to check out ANY link until you come back with a review of Electric Pyramid…

(Family ties)



It’s the Ozzy White Stripes, except with loose fit trousers, and a more attractive drummer. Get a bassist, Ozzy Dave!


Nice one Dave! Sounds great!


Thankfully @bearsy we now have a bassist! Unfortunately @saintbletch I don’t have that many performance shirts. Next time I’ll go for the Pink Floyd tee :lou_lol:


Thanks @coxford_lou :smile:


I can very much imagine a Sotonians band with:

Bletch - vocals and tambourine/shaker/other percussion

Pap - vocals and electric guitar strumming in exaggerated fashion

Bearsy on bass

BBB on drums

The Dubai Massive on background vocals

Intiniki - keyboard

Tokyo - roadie, band manager


Oh, and Rallyboy, bongos.


I don’t want to be Bass! I want to be Vibes+Atmosphere, like i.e Bez