🤳 Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?

:selfie: Unashamed self promotion - ok or not?


Happy birthday fella!!

I’ll go give it a listen.

Will report back later



It’s not this one I guess?

Post a link @OzSaintDave



39 minutes ago. That’s not today(given where you live), that’s tomorrow.
Happy birthday. Will have a listen :+1:


Can you provide a link, because entering Midnite Kiss, returned this result.

I don’t like your music Dave😂


Sorry everyone, here’s a link :grinning:



Cheers @Cobham-Saint, appreciated!

I look forward to the report :+1:


Well, @Saint-or-sinner, Happy Birthday to me for tomorrow!

Cheers for the good wishes


You didn’t say I had to download an app to listen to the bloody thing.

Are you on commission?

It’d better be good…



Don’t feel obliged to download an app

But if you do, go the free version!


Then post the song on here.
Thanks(in advance).


Very disco (sez an old person) am sure the kids’ll like it


I am listening to the right track, right?


Alrighty then:


Hopefully this works :flushed:


This is the artwork if you are searching the streaming sites for it


That’s the fella.

This is not like the stuff from before right

Unless it was @Smiler who posted the other vids.

A change of direction?


Yes, a bit of a change, more like a detour though

I wanted to write a real balls out rocking track and this appeared!

I’m releasing a full album probably mid January next year, if you think this is different, wait till you hear some of these tracks! Having said that, they are all still rock based songs :shushing_face:


But you got some good production / good recording time by the sound of it. Makes a hell of a difference.



Yes, sure does. Unfortunately the producer, who also plays drums on the track, has passed away. Bless him. He did an awesome job on both


Oh, bummer

That’s not good

Hope all is ok?


Yes thanks for asking. He had a hole in his heart and in the end died of a heart attack. He was a gifted producer and drummer and I chose this as the first track out of respect for him


I’m sorry mate.

Take from it what he was good at and remember that.