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:lobster: Trans rights


A human is not a puffin, despite sharing around 95% the same genes… its a bit of completely daft and irrelevant question… and with rather a huge dose of Daily Mail/Sun attitude thrown in TBH… :lou_eyes_to_sky:


who or what was Puffin Billy then?


I am in agreement with Kate Blanchett to be honest. By putting her head above the parapet and expressing her view on this she must have known that she would get some stick from the professional PC brigade, but went ahead anyway. Kudos to her. As an aside, just imagine the furore if it was suggested that gay people shouldn’t be given roles portraying straight people. They can’t have it both ways.


Took many people have too much time on their hands to get offended.


Wtf. Drunk


Ability should always be a first decision, followed by suitability. If you argue the PC approach further then Ben Kingsley could not have played Ghandi.
Which obviously takes you into a circular argument.

It is very easy to have this debate and good that it exists, but it would be very difficult in some deeply religious regions of the world. Hell many supposedly PC Brits rage against a Divorcee becoming Queen.

I have little experience to add, other than having met a German bar owner who’s wife was a post-op Ladyboy. Soceity there was pretty ok with it, they were happy.

Should a birth certificate be changed though? Perhaps not until someone finds a clear new definition rather than a parental lifestyle choice. Doubt a new born has any awareness of the issues.


It’s very simple- just get rid of the ‘sex’ question on all forms, birth certificates and applications etc even passports as it was only ever included to aid either identification or for positive or negative dicrimation

We now have face recognition, fingerprint recognition etc … no needs to ask about sex at all

Only down side would the sad demise of the quality ‘yes please’ gag when filing in a form


I agree. It’s very strange. Some application forms still have a question asking about an individuals sexual preferences (hetero, gay, prefer not to say).

I’ve always wondered exactly what fooking relevance this has to the ability to do a job, (unless the job is performing in pornographic films).


Its all a bit daft - actors by definition pretend to be people that they are not in real life - its kind of their job.


Yeah so a blind person would need to play Daredevil.
A Norse God needs to play Thor and where the hell would you find a Vulcan?
At least it would bring super heroes into the limelight


Yet hundreds lost their shit when a black man was suggested as James Bond…


I saw a guy sprinting along the street with a black cape flowing behind him.

“Are you a superhero?” I called.

“No,” he replied, “I haven’t paid for my haircut.”


I dropped off my son (17) at school today and he started grumbling about the girl in front. I thought she was quite attractive, then I got it and the words ‘is it a bloke?’ came from my mouth! I wasn’t proud and realise it’s lack of exposure to people like this, just as my parents didn’t really know about non white people, not that 1980s Winchester was a benchmark of diversity.

Both my teenage kids are deeply sceptical about trans and see it as attention seeking, but it clearly is something they encounter which I never did.

Perhaps this means a more accepting society? I imagine that kids just suppressed their feelings before, just as gay kids probably did. Probably became alienated and depressed a lot of the time, or ‘finished the phase’.

I think it’s ok to be different, I also think it’s ok to challenge what ‘normal’ is. Just want us to stop pissing our pants about this kind of stuff when there’s bigger, global, issues to resolve. Blah, blah.



I know this lass through my golf work. She’s good at her work. She also loves her sports, cricket, football, boxing etc,

She had a few beers and started explaining her “dliemna”. She is basically trapped in the wrong body - OK so far I can relate to that. She sometimes believes she wants to “change” (however that works) but is closing in on 30 and knows she’s left it too late to become a full time rugby player for example.
Then it got confusing, because while she is trapped, she is only attracted to Men.
A dilemna above my social discussion status, and interesting because I hadn’t thought that option through at all in all of this.
Life truly isn’t easy for people


OK, so a friend’s daughter was in a lesbian relationship. They wanted a baby so got a sperm “donation” from someone for the the friend’s daughter’s girlfriend.

Baby born, happy family.

Friend’s daughter’s girlfriend decides that she wants to become a he, goes through the pre-op, post-op everything. They’re still together as a happy family.

I’m still confused but I’m guessing that maybe the physical side of the relationship isn’t so important and it’s more about the personality (for want of a better word) of the couple in question.

I think we (blokes) tend to think more of the physical side of relationships than the personal side.


So basically, she’s a gay bloke trapped in a woman’s body?



I’ve just read this and quite frankly I thought this was supposed to be a bit more enlightened? This is coming from me for fucks sake, this thread reads like playground snide, innuendo and bullying.
Live and let live and speak as you find.
You can be gay, straight, bi, black, white whatever that doesn’t matter a jot, its what you think, believe and how you act towards others, if my children turned out gay or trans I would worry (for them) but I wouldn’t love them any less, not one fucking jot.


The bloke has a point I think


My brain self determines that I am a 21yr old. My body has other ideas.