🦞 Trans rights

:lobster: Trans rights


Blimey, just like the vegans there’s a lot of coverage on this stuff at the moment.

Wonder if it’ll be like when tattoos were all over the media and everyone was getting them. Now there’s little mention of that particular lifestyle choice - have even seen parlours closing down.


Walking down hanover buildings to the game on Saturday there was a family of four ahead of me. The father was saying something innocuous to the daughter (who was about ten or twelve) when she screams at volume 11…“DON’T GENDERISE ME!!!”

For starters, if that had been me as a kid I’d have got a clout round the fucking head for talking like that to my dad, and rightly so. But in the context of this thread it was definitely a “look at me” statement from a pretentious little brat rather than a plaintive cry for help from a “gender-challenged young person of ambiguous sexuality”. It was pissing with rain, I hope her startling hair colour ran out onto her ridiculous clothing and ruined it.

Rant over.