🦞 Trans rights

:lobster: Trans rights


Blimey, just like the vegans there’s a lot of coverage on this stuff at the moment.

Wonder if it’ll be like when tattoos were all over the media and everyone was getting them. Now there’s little mention of that particular lifestyle choice - have even seen parlours closing down.


Walking down hanover buildings to the game on Saturday there was a family of four ahead of me. The father was saying something innocuous to the daughter (who was about ten or twelve) when she screams at volume 11…“DON’T GENDERISE ME!!!”

For starters, if that had been me as a kid I’d have got a clout round the fucking head for talking like that to my dad, and rightly so. But in the context of this thread it was definitely a “look at me” statement from a pretentious little brat rather than a plaintive cry for help from a “gender-challenged young person of ambiguous sexuality”. It was pissing with rain, I hope her startling hair colour ran out onto her ridiculous clothing and ruined it.

Rant over.



“Where does it hurt?”
“My bollocks”
“Ok Sir, we’ll have you in A and E in no time”
“Fuck you, I’ll wait for the next one you gender stereo typing heathen.”


But we evolve and change over time. So what was traditional / hisorical and cultural changes (apart from some annoying royal/government/religious stuff).
Why should we be using Madam and Sir when many of us are technically not these? I only know one actual sir and I use his name not his title.
I don’t need to be called miss/ms etc its not relevant to who I am and whether I need emergency services. I don’t think we need mx.
At work the computer system asks us to put in Mr, master, miss, ms, mrs etc. I never put that info in. We do have female and male and anpther category I’ve not yet had to use.
This just seems to be more “oh having to be politically correct” rubbish we see time as time again.
Step away and think do we really need these titles? Does it make any real difference in the long run. Just use our names.


Using names is not really going to be an option for paramedics meeting complete strangers though.


Everyone down here is just “mate”. So much easier especially when you have a shit memory for names anyway! :slight_smile:


How about using “Oi” or “Mush”


I thought everyone was called either Bruce or Sheila?


Most of those calls will have come from someone they know. Just been reading about how many dont need a ambulance and being take to A&E. The accidents out on the roads and people passing out in the streets fair enough. But do you need to use sir or madam? I genuinely don’t think so. You just have to talk to them, explaining and reassuring what your doing in case they can hear.


I just don’t agree. The use of “Sir” or “Madam” is not gender stereotyping, its just basic good manners. I will continue to use both terms safe in the knowledge that 99.9% of people will not be offended and those who are and raise it then I use whatever honorific they request.

Out of interest, if you were dealing with two strangers (male and female) and you wanted to talked specifically to one or the other, how would do it? Hey, you on the right? Hey you with the lumpy jumper?


Look at the biggest tit

Could be the male


You’re probably safe using Sheila, but there’s a good chance a bloke could also be either Lance or Shane as well as Bruce.


I’d be shit as a Paramedic. If i went to assist someone who had been knocked down by a car whilst looking at their smartphone and sporting a pair of headphones, completely oblivious to the world, i’d start by called them a daft cunt.

At least i’d comply with this strange directive though.



Exactly the same for people with religious and cultural affiliation, its the tail wagging the dog.

Common sense should always prevail, the illiberal liberal agenda doesn’t cater for that though.


What if, like me, you have an abysmal memory for names? I just call men I’m doing some work for “sir”, women “ms”, males I’m not working for “mate” and females “love”. What non-offensive gender neutral pronouns should I use? And don’t criticise me for not remembering names, you’re not my wife :grin::grin: and anyway, that would be ageist.


Not sure I’ve ever had the problem of referring to someone of indeterminate gender. I have of course met them but call me old fashioned if you like I just say, “Hello, how are you?” They in turn say something like, “Hello, I’m fine” Armed with two handy little phrases like that have apparently steered me through what now appear to be regarded as stormy waters .

If any of you are troubled with social interaction with anyone…even with Bazza just message me and I’ll be only too pleased to advise. :lou_lol:



I’ve said it on here before that Mrs C_S and her mates have real issues with this whole gender self-determination, while having great sympathy for genuine transgender people (going in either direction M/F or F/M)

It really doesn’t help that the media and online forums such as Twitter appear to have been browbeaten by a minority of obnoxiously shouty people in pursuit of their own lifestyle agenda.

Veganism is a similar thing (their influence in the media not self identifying as a turnip)

Not many things make me angry but these things do.