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:lobster: Trans rights


I think you should post more often.


Oh ok… nope still none the wiser.


I’ll make a more detailed explanation in a few days, hopefully, but basically two of our posters had a very personal exchange of posts including one apparently posting the contents of very personal private messages sent from the other.

As you know we try to not suppress anything here but the nature of these posts made me feel that deleting them was the best option.


That would have been the exchange where I read the first two or three posts went to the bottom and they were still at it so just left them to it. I didnt even tell them them to get a room.


Ah thanks for the explanation. Doesn’t sound like a great thing to do.


I was just listening to this

When I was thinking that maybe we need to get rid of he/she and his/her and other gender specific pronouns. Replace them with they and their


Damn, i missed this.

Anyone fancy sharing some very personal messages with me can do. I am very discreet and will not share them with anyone else, except a couple of the lads down the pub, a few work colleagues and some random strangers when i’m tanked up. I may even offer advice for personal problems.

Thanks and looking forward to it.


Filipino’s have a way of dealing with these issues they call anybody and everybody: he, she, him, her, shim, regardless of what sex or orientation you are it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things so why be offended.

I have been called a racist sexist pig before it doesn’t bother me one Iota even Ladyboy phil (Can I have a badge for this) doesn’t bother me.

Call me a Skate though and I may get angry.


I’m not commenting

Feel free to discuss…



Do you know what - I think he made that up.


Just my opinion.


This is very much in the wrong thread.


Is she wrong?

I really don’t think so.


Uhm… will feel a lot better when we ditch this shit and just talk about HUMAN rights. We are all equal and should be celebrating the diversity… not just because it’s cool and liberal but because it’s a fucking biological necessity!

As a fully fledged and degree educated evolutionary biologist, I always see it as my duty to champion diversity - including trans, homosexual etc as it’s all normal biology (contrary to much spouted bollocks and drivel that usually come from a religious book/heap of shit)

We are who we are as a result of the diversity of our genes and from a biological perspective, if your genotype creates a phenotype it’s all natural and normal … and HUMAN so let’s just ditch the labels and talk about Human tights surely!



But let’s ditch all the media anti anoyone who might maybe have a different view?

I Btw I’m not anti people who identify against the way they were genetically born.


The simplest way of trying to explain why everything is normal is that what most, even those fundamentalists who oppose many human rights, think of as ‘normal’ is actually the result ‘abnormality and genetic diversity, genetic errors and shifts… we are the the result errors that created a small survival advantage when conditions changed gnat we had no control over… as I say everything is normal even if it does to survive in the gene pool


It’s an interesting debate. There are gay people who have played straight roles such as Russell Tovey.
It is acting but maybe try and get people who have that experience/can act and if not get someone who is a great actor.


Ultimately you need someone who can act… not someone who is shite but thinks they have the god given right because they bat for the other side or seif identify a bloke or woman…


You have a lot of straight actors who are shite playing trans characters though, Eddie Redmayne for instance. The film and tv industry are more interested in star quality and marketability than acting ability no matter the gender.


What if a human wants to self-identify as a puffin?

Should we honour that wish as not to offend? Or say “you’re not a puffin”?