:tories: Tories in trouble?

She’s the minister for common sense who is going to tackle the “scourge of wokery” apparently! It’s like a script from Monty Python.

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God help us - surely it is the job of the minister to call bullshit when their department goes off the rails

Either Rishi doesn’t believe that ministers are up to laying down the law or the problem of “wokery” has pervaded to such an extent that a third party enforcer is needed so that the relationship between minister and civil servant isn’t blown apart on the issue

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The Supreme Court has just rejected the Rwanda scheme - this is why Suella was agitating to get fired and why she has been ramping up the rhetoric

If she was in position, she would have to own this, by being fired she can say I wasn’t given the support etc etc and that’s why this failed. Her letter coming out today is no coincidence either.

And she has the gall to call sunak devious

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Interesting that the Supreme court was not insisting that it was down to the ECHR (as they probably knew what the govt might do next)

One thing the decision does do is clarify on what basis a deportation scheme is legal - so all the govt have to do is find a country that matches this criteria and its off and running

Quick follow that carefully, whrn they find one we can do a deal with all the other EU States trying to find the same solution

I see Austria are looking to do a deal with Albania - although that doesn’t strike me as particularly bright as they don’t have far to go to get back and a mass of water to make in difficult


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And here it is in all it’s Nadine Dorries glory :-


‘a voice to the quiet minority’

I have taken the liberty if correcting for her’

‘ a voice to the extremists and knuckledraggers, racists and associated other cunts, Express and Mail readers and all ignorant fucktards and those without decency, integrity, or compassion.


Another day and another example of why the Tories need to be removed from power - imho obviously.

This country is on a slippery slope towards fascism, it couldn’t be clearer. This current lot have got one year before they have to call an election. But now after the Rwanda debacle we have Sunak planning to just pass a law declaring that the Supreme Court are mistaken and Rwanda is now a safe country, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Next it will be there cannot be an election due to AI / war in Middle East / terrorist threats / etc etc. Even though he has sacked Braverman he is still dancing to her tune, and the dangerous headbangers who are backing her. For all his pretend humble demeanor Sunak is a thoroughly nasty piece of work, who’s loyalty is not to this country, but to his billionaire father in law and the nasty little fascist Modi in India, and some extremely unsavoury right wingers in America and beyond. People need to wake up.


He’s about to be replaced with Starmer. If you think Sunak has no loyalty to our country, wait til you see the next incumbent.

Who are you backing?

Deportation to Rwanda is looking more appealing by the day.


Neither. I’m just saying that as far as trusting them to have the nation’s interests at heart, Starmer is going to be at least as bad as Sunak and probably worse. When Starmer gets elected, (which he certainly will,) it won’t have been with the assistance of my vote.

So, we’ve got Cameron suggesting that we “unlock” further billions in order to fund increases in foreign aid. Then Hunt pops up and says he’s considering reducing inheritance tax, which obviously would benefit the wealthiest families at the expense of the poorest.

They genuinely want out, don’t they. They’re just making absolutely sure, in case there was still the faintest danger of re-election.

Inheritance idea has been noisily shelved

Inheritance tax is such a shitty tax - just bin it - it raises fuck all in the grand scheme of things, the rich don’t pay it because there is an entire industry at work to facilitate that so the only people really paying are the middle classes who cannot afford the advice but are now caught due to fiscal drag


And it’s a very shitty tax. Taxing middle income people (or people whose relatives bought a house in 1960 and stay put) on money that’s already been taxed before. Unless, as you say, you are very rich and have the elaborate expensive avoidance shittery going on.

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