:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Watch it after and think about the last 2 years. It’s really embarrassing.



Is this going to bite the Tories on the bum

On the face of it perhaps a worthwhile thing. But when we are asked to pay I always think “who’s going to benefit from this financially?”

Maybe the man proposing it?

He seems to have dubious previous form:



You think the Tories have troubles





So today’s conservatives are really doing themselves no favours.

And Daniel Kawczynski.

Sure there are more.



How embarrassing. Better make some shit up about Labour. People always fall for it.




Could have gone in the divide and rule psy op thread, but really does belong here.


Stupid boy.


Whatever else happens, one can always rely on little Gavin Williamson to come up with something truly special. Like this, also from today:

I love his stated intent to “increase the UK’s lethality”. Bless.


Drones are all we can afford, after those two huge floating coffins and half a dozen of the most expensive(in all history) non flighing aircraft.


Look out for which MPs have a financial interest in batteries :battery:


Salvage might have been a better option(or undertaker).


Gavin has spent too much time rubbing one out to House of Cards re-runs and not enough time watching the Terminator movies.



“like the vote for Brexit – for Britain to leave the European Union – the building of the two new aircraft carriers was a decision by the British to embrace ancient dreams over sober contemporary realities”

I liked that quote…