:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


If yesterdays Vote was on any other issue then I would expect her to resign and potentially for the No confidence vote to succeed, however there seems to be no norm with Brexit.


The real issue here is that May will stubbornly cling on to her deal and try to fluff around the edges to get more people on board. I’m not sure what tea leaves she is reading but that isn’t going to work.

On side is going to have to cave massively over the Irish border, be that the UK or the EU

Now I think Labours best bet (from a purely “how do we get the keys to No10 POV” was to nod the deal through, the DUP would have lost their shit, and never voted for the govt again and then Corbyn should have launched his No confidence vote.


You forget the fundamental point GB

Brexit is impossible politically because it will always annoy >50% of the public no matter what the final version.
So NOBODY sane woud want to actually be PM trying to deliver the impossible it would be political suicide career wise UNLESS in this mess there couold be some consensus as to wtf the Nation wants, not all the split factions of today


So now she’s being a twat to Corbyn?


Stupid woman.


You would have thought that after the vote, even may realises, there is nothing constructive to say about her deal.
Some one let her know please :lou_facepalm_2:


Nails it pretty well.

And a reminder of what they said.


Thread isn’t as busy as I expected today

The Jonathan Pie vid summed it all up very nicely so no need for anything else I guess


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The tories should follow labour’s lead and open the choice of leader up… No one trusts the ‘centre ground’ i’m alright, fuck you jacks anymore. It’s time to let the membership choose a “hard right” candidate(if Corbyn is hard left, any true tory is hard right).
Seriously there must be someone that hasn’t been associated with the last 9 years, that can put a sentence together without lying.
Oh 325-306 that’s as good as losing :joy:


Yeah amazing what a bung to the DUP can achieve…


Corbyn is toast?
What a mess.


Why, what’s happened, has he become a tory?


Blew the No Confidence vote


Don’t think he blew it, as it was never believed to succeed. It’s part of a longer game, surely?


No, the DUP simply sold their souls for the benefit of the Tories


How much this time?
Can all the cost be divided up between tory voters?
Don’t see why the rest of us have to pay for a bung to a bunch of backward freaks.


The longer game being to utterly discredit all Tories. This is a party which tabled its own no confidence vote. All those that expressed no confidence in her then and voted her bill down yesterday look like self serving fuckers to the general public.

306 for is a great result.


Corbyn then and now?



Just listened to may talking bollocks.
“Now is the time to come together”, after 2+ years of her(and associates) incompetence, then goes on to embarrass herself by trying to have a cheap dig at Corbyn.
What a sad sight she is.


Wtf. Get your arse back to the footie thread