:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Makes me teary-eyed this morning. I wish I’d won the Euro Millions last night…I’d have been the softest touch. :disappointed_relieved:



She won’t.





From this column I learned that Sajid Javid refers to himself in the third person, as “The Saj” or “The Sajid”. As Richard Littlejohn used to say, you couldn’t make it up.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a picture of the Saj, I always think of this chap:


Hyde has always had a certain way with words.
“This government is now so inanimate it doesn’t have a spirit animal; it has a spirit vegetable. Unless Grayling’s a mineral, which I’ll increasingly accept.” 0





We’re all in it together.


That is not going to go down well with small business owners. They have to find more than that every year and they tend to vote Tory.


Having read the article and had a quick peek at their accounts, to say this is somewhat sensationalist is an understatement

The £1.6m profit is derived from 5 out of 8 years of trading - they ignore the other three in which that made a loss which you can offset against future profits.

It doesnt take into account the business cycle of a construction firm - quite often they make whacking losses in one year whilst they are building and huge profits the following year when they sell.

Their last group accounts state that they have negative retained earnings of almost £1m - ie losses exceed profits by that figure.

But hey, the reality makes a shit story


I’d like to see the dividend vouchers, all the same.



Christ on a fucking bike. Even by the standards of these cunts that’s fucking low.



SO the no confidence motion is in and there is every indication it will fail. Barry Gardiner seems to be indicating a series of no confidence votes, so a couple of questions

has Corbyn shot his bolt too soon?

How often can you have this vote?

If they repeatedly call these votes and May wins, does it increasing undermine Corbyn?


Apparently you can have this vote as many times as you like - so in theory Corbyn could lose tonight and immediate lay down another motion


Over 100 Tory mps yesterday voted against May’s deal, passing judgement on 2 and a half years of piss poor performance. If they now vote that they have confidence in the government what does that say about the PM? She is a dead twat walking.