:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Or pushes a no deal ever closer. Someone with no power can’t change anything. The deal gets defeated in parliament and she’s left with one course only. I’d say this result is perfect for moggs and pfeffels.


Off topic of confidence vote etc. This is more evidence of the hostile environment. Appalling stuff.


This is funny.
“They want a people’s vote.”




It was amusing yesterday watching the Conservative Party media spokesman, sorry, BBC political correspondent, Nick Robinson, desperately trying to blame this whole shit fest on the Labour Party. They have no shame.
Corbyn has played a blinder during the whole saga, refusing to fall into the obvious trap that Tories like Anna Soubry, the majority of the MSM, the discredited austerity supporting Lib Dems and the usual suspects in his own party tried to goad him into, getting him to call a no confidence vote in May. Which of course she would have won, leaving Corbyn’s name all over the the failed coup to oust her. The MSM would have had a field day. He obviously heeded the wise words of Napoleon when he said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself”. Well played Jeremy.



The numbers aren’t there, they really aren’t no matter and I’ll correct you here the right wing press say so, the main stream left and centre press have been saying its wise to do so and keep the powder dry.



I would like to say that this is shocking but it’s not anymore is it?




This and your other article on PIP is why the citizens of the UK are lead by self-serving career politicians.

I’ve said it before, but this is what we have to put up with and accept until either MPs realise they should be ensuring that the people are cared for in a safe and dignified way or the people take to the streets to demand better.

Can’t see either happening tbf.

Back to the same old…




Missed this last year.
Could have helped me with my work too.


What a sad depressing country we live in.
Revealed: homeless people given one-way tickets to other areas

Wonder where we got that idea from?

Although the writing was on the wall(or van) years ago.


If only there were affordable homes, it might not be such a problem.


Sometimes children’s services offer to pay flight tickets back to their EU country of origin where they can access their benefit systems as if you have children and didn’t work after 2014 it’s hard for any single parent to access any of the safety net here. No matter (it seems) how long they’ve been here for.
Since the new legislation in April this year I’ve seen a marked difference in how Housing are dealing with people. So fingers crossed this has changed for the better.


Does that mean a child that has only ever been educated in this country could be forced to go to a country they don’t know and may not speak the language? Seems harsh.

Yeah, here’s hoping, but the article suggests councils are shifting British people to areas that they have no connection with and no support system is offered. Who does that help? Looks very much like a copy of the US system.


Yes it’s possible a child would go back to their parents country on that system. If they’re (family) homeless and have no means of working enough hours to pay private rent and have no way of accessing benefits what else is there to do? I don’t agree with this system but that’s what the Tories have made it into. But there are plenty of Brits who will moan about giving benefits/housing to foreign people.



If only I could have taken some photos on my visits. I’d have a similar exhibition.