:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


She’s after delaying or postponing everything by the look of it.
Is there a PMQ’s today? That’d be amusing :grin:

May says new PM would have to delay Brexit if she loses confidence vote – politics live


Yeah, stupid old cow says a lot of things that aren’t true.

That’s why she’s in the funk she’s in.


If she loses Jeremy Corbyn will have seen off two Prime Ministers and will be on to his third. Not bad going at all for an unelectable no-hoper!


Picked a good day to be out on the golf course…
much going on?


Na…same shit with a different name.



Amber Rudd.


Pretty sure May will win. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if she wins 52/48. Then we will have the delightful spectacle of Jacob Rich Snob, Boris the pound shop Churchill, Mince Davis etc lining up to defend her because she has the ‘will of the people’ behind her. Won’t we?


Thatcher won her vote then resigned shortly after. Will May?
I reckon she’ll resign sooner rather than later.



I like this description of of what we get if May wins, but only by a small majority.

“A lame duck, encased in steel.”


I’d normally reply with “same as my golf”
But actually had a great day today 5 under par for my handicap…


Political nerds enjoy.

Theresa May has just cast her vote. You’d think she’d vote for herself.




She won. But it’s not great for her. May wins confidence vote with 200 out of 317 Tory MPs


No where near enough, she is fucked.


Does this mean we get the “lame duck, encased in steel” scenario.

"If May wins modestly, it’ll be up to her judgement whether she stays on as PM. Margaret Thatcher went in similar circumstances, but May shows none of the traditional signs of decency or honour in her political conduct. So now the same pattern plays out - fake concession, lost vote - only with her having precisely zero authority within her own party or the country.

There would be one change, however: She would be impossible to remove. The leadership contest rules would give her a one year immunity from challenge."

Feels like we’re on ship without a crew.


Oh, that answers the question.


Nothing changes other than her position is possibly even weaker, shes conceded her throne and yet she still doesn’t command her party, its still not getting through so we’re heading for a delayed brexit, a possible election and possibly another vote, all this time gives more of a chance of a no brexit.