:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Its basically this

Russia/Putin good.
EU/NATO bad.

News is rehashed from other sources and given spin in a pro Russian and/or anti Western manner.
For a veneer of credibility they’ll get a few obscure punters in with axe’s to grind against the West and in turn won’t comment on internal Russian issues.


Back on topic please. It’s not as though there’s no ammunition for this thread.






There is much speculation that the 48 letter target has been reached. We’ve been in this territory before, but feels a bit more real this time. I really don’t think May’s little Santa dash around Europe helped.




Ouch. He should have posted that on the Beef Thread :smiley:


No confidence vote confirmed. Between 6pm and 8pm tonight.


Who next, i wonder?
It’s a bit of a shit list to pick from.


This is the problem with British politics as a whole

Unless there is someone of lower profile who is competent gawd knows

Part of me (and its a very small part) wants Rees Mogg to stand - he is such a sniping cunt that I want to see him at least volunteer himself to try and sort it out - arguably he has been more of a pain in the arse to the government than the opposition. I also then want him to be utterly humiliated in the run off.

If someone like Soubry gets it - that would make life bloody amusing from a bloodsport point of view.

They are all cunts, MPs, the Lords and the whitehall mandarins


Hunt has been very quiet lately. Just saying.


Has anyone who has held the Heath brief and invariably pissed off the UKs largest group of employees ever won an election?

Please not fucking Boris - I hope Gove is sharpening his knife again


Shit the bed, some are suggesting the flying wardrobe has a shout


That would be hilarious.


Can’t see any being popular with the public. Would be funny if Andrea(i’m a mother) Leadsom got the job.
Someone set up a charity sweepstake.


She could easily survive this vote and then be safe from another Mogg/Boris led challenge for a year.


I’m hearing rumours that, rather than face losing this vote, she is going to postpone it.:neutral_face: