:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?







If thus was a Brian Rix farce it would be derided as over the top, but real life?
Dear Lord what a clvsterfvck


Who the hell is advising May? She has to go . She has zero credibility.

She should have done the vote - lost it and then gone back to the EU and said, I told you they would shit can it - but she has burn that bridge over the week end.

She is hapless


It’s ok to quote the words, as they are attributed to a person and there is a record of what was said. So, it’s believable.
It’s not so good quoting any media and stating it as indesputable, purely because of the publication. This would be especially true if they have been shown to deliberately make shit up.
If it’s from Mark Urban(bbc), Luke Harding(guardian), or Elliott Higgins(bellendcat),then you’d have to be simple to entertain it. Proven liars, one and all.
Do you believe all the words of Al Pfeffel as well?


Perhaps a more important question is why she is so unsure of her own qualities and counsel. As I’ve said before, I don’t think she planned any further than getting into Number 10.

Her best days were when Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill were running things for her, but according to Tim Shipman, author of Fall Out, they were a pair of bullies that managed to alienate much of the rest of the cabinet, showing complete contempt for the Chancellor. These were her best days, remember, and those days resulted in the disastrous general election, the loss of her two advisers as sacrificial scapegoats. The Brexit process was commandeered by a not very keen civil service. We see their not very keen results.

Ultimately though, the fault is hers. She is perhaps the most powerful personification of the old adage, “be careful what you wish for”.



It was a valid question, you’re quoting who you believe, we’ve been over this, you’re on the wrong planet if you are looking for one truth, no such thing.


It’s not valid, it’s your usual game. Projection.
You quote, from a very narrow field. I try taking a wider view.
We have been over this multiple times and i’m not the one that believes the “one truth” of the SS/government mouth pieces, who’s words you accept without question, everytime(no matter how often they are shown as liars).
What’s this thread called. Who’s allowed to quote from where, according to the gospel of Sanchez?
Talk about the subject, not the poster.



Its perfectly valid, you merely quote things you accept regardless of source, human nature, don’t be ashamed.



No, it’s not.
Now stick to the subject. What is wrong with the quote and why do you believe yourself to be the arbiter of who’s allowed to quote from where?
Your constant projection is dull and will be ignored.


Fuck me has she changed her mind again? :lou_lol: .


Keep on quoting (as long as it agrees with your narrative) in the free World.


Projection again. Can you do anything else? Maybe something on topic even.


Just following RT’s narrative, surely you can relate to projection?


Of course i can. I read your posts, don’t I?
Don’t watch RT so no idea what you are talking about(just like yourself), but do enlighten us about their narrative(maybe on the correct thread).
Still waiting for you to explain why i can’t post confirmed statements on the relevant thread. Anyone would think you are deliberately trying to steer the conversation away from that subject. Understandable, if you back such anti democratic malevolence and propaganda. Do you?