:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


How come none of us mere mortals ever come across money like that?



From Mays POV , she has delivered a deal. If the commons choose to throw it out she can claim that it wasn’t her fault when we hard Brexit. She can say she got a hospital pass from Cameron (fair point), she can also claim she had an impossible task to get something from the EU (again some truth in that).

This deal is more about May saving face than anything else.


A deal written in Brussels. She has accepted a diktat and is trying to sell us on the idea that it is a Brexit.


I don’t think there is any chance of her saving face.


Indeed. She has been so inept in everything she’s done that I wonder if she did an ultra modern version of the Ted Heath Dirtbook, made all the easier by the most draconian Internet snooping laws that she introduced and sitting on the pile of domestic paydirt that is the Home Office.

There it is. My Theresa May conspiracy theory. As fucked as it sounds, it’s less fucked than “everyone thought she would be a good fit for the job”.




Unanimously called for in the Commons as well. If you were watching closely, you might have observed that May is exhibiting more and more of the dictatorial tendencies she displayed when tussling with the Police Federation as Home Secretary.

Still, it’s just another fucking odd event in weeks that have seen precedents broken, like amendments getting onto the finance bill with no opposition. Theresa May is utterly playing for time.

The media of the early 90s would have had her out the door by now. What we have today is pathetic.


No 10 have announced that they will not publish the legal advice, just a summary. Never mind Parliament unanimously voting for it. Parliament can just fuck right off, who do they think they are? This is the Tory version of taking back control of our sovereign parliament from the ‘furriners’ across the channel. Who, of course, never had control of it in the first place. The BBC and ITV news doing their bit on Saint Theresa’s behalf, both of them led their evening news broadcasts with ‘Migrants in the channel’, following the script. This whole Brexit bollocks is increasingly turning out to be nothing less than a right wing coup. I hope Corbyn, who i think is playing a blinder by keeping his powder dry, will show pragmatism and common sense when this pathetic so called deal is voted down and allow another vote, this time one based on informed opinion, not a leap in the dark based on lies and misinformation. It is surely increasingly obvious to anyone with any common sense that it is the only solution. Crashing out with no deal would be madness, surely only supported by the swivel eyed brigade such as Rees Mogg, Redwood, Johnson, Lawson, Hoey, Arlene and the rest of the believers.


Based on the record of the last eight years, any Conservative-led government is going to be a disaster. The EU did nothing to prevent that; it took the UN to internationally cry foul about the poverty situation in this country.

As always, there are plenty of things I love about your post, but I can’t accept the overriding narrative, not least the implied notion that we’ve been tricked out of a non-austere future by folk appealing to xenophobic interests. The EU has been provably implementing austerity across the continent.

This is the least effective set of wankers in charge than all the sets of wankers we’ve ever had in charge. Thatcher was a person in charge with some very nasty plans. By contrast, May has no idea what to do with her power. She should be the easiest Prime Minister to get out of office in living memory, having proved herself utterly inept on terms she set herself.

She’s not out because people are divided on the issues, having been told by the media which issues they need to care about. I will welcome your compassioned and democratic campaign to gain re-entry to the European Union once we have left, but I’m never going to agree with the result of that referendum to be overturned.

So how’s about we focus on getting these hapless twats out of office so we can build something new, and sort the rest out later?


Ah, so you’d be happy to get back into the EU???


Campaigning for re-entry after we’ve left is fine.

If a party says it’ll re-join on a manifesto pledge and wins a general election, that is also fine, even if we haven’t left yet.

I don’t think either will happen. The majority of Westminster seats are Leave voting. The European Union is going to have lost a lot of its allure before a re-entry campaign ever gains traction.


But what you are saying is that you’d happily rejoin the insidious Vichy Nazi cabal that I recall you vehemently talking down about with great regularity on the Brexit thread (not that I’ve been there much recently)

Or was it all a bit like Dallas…?

Edit: if it’s the will of the people. Let’s get that excuse out of the way.



Nah, it just won’t happen, for reasons enumerated above.



Poor response

You don’t know what’ll happen

Regardless, you can laugh at me if it turns out anything better than mediocre.