:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?






I’ve seen her on the Newsnight debates, i thought there was something odd about her. Their researchers can’t be up to much.


It is / was a bloke is he/she?

Can’t really tell and don’t want to be anti-Trans.


It supports May. Whether it stands or squats is the least of its worries.


Don’t forget, lies about who it really is. The BBC have probably got a list of actors. Maybe they were employing it.


She knows the vote on her shite deal is doomed. She is positioning herself for the vote of no-confidence / GE.
Paint the Labour Party as foiling ‘the will of the people’ and hope the public forget about the absolute catastrofuck the tories have made of negotiations following a referendum called in an attempt to heal the divisions in the Conservative party.
Fuck off.



There really isn’t enough vomit in the world is there?




Just for clarity, I deleted the first tweet about this as I couldn’t see it confirmed anywhere.


Looks like not released in full. just ignore me.


Who said that?!




I see the BBC are trying to turn the Brexit bill debate into some version of Question Time. Corbyn thinks it should be a debate in the style of old.

If it does go ahead in the shitty Question Time format, which, if any of the following things do you think we’ll see?

  • Some moron screaming something about the IRA.
  • Some moron screaming something about Labour reversing the referendum result, when Theresa May has just fucked us all far more royally than that.
  • Someone with concerns about antisemitism in the Labour Party.
  • Theresa May providing a straight answer to a simple question.

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Sorry, just felt like being really ridiculous.



Oh, there may be a few unhappy people about this.

I can live with it.