:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


And you were Arch Duke Papinand?


Could we ask Bono to repay the tax payer for this utter waste of money?


Were U2 using them at their concerts for crowd control? :lou_wink_2:


I don’t like u2 either but I feel this would be A bit harsh.




Tories are fucked. Cameron’s legacy is almost complete.


The deal with the DUP should have never been done, as far as I can see both parties are riven with infighting, an election could solve this?
Or possibly a new centrist party with a pro EU core?
If that happened then maybe just maybe we’d get a push for P/P.


Like the Lib Dems you mean?


The lib dems are a broken party and no one would defect to them, they’ve lost their youth to momentum, an old party full of tories with a little bit more of a conscience.



Excellent - so no Brexit it is.


Absolute state of this cunt:


Student debt has long been a massive fuck up waiting to happen:


And so it continues, corruption in plain sight from this Tory government. They are openly contemptuous of the general public. The beneficiaries of this fire sale have donated 150k to them over the past three years. What a disgrace.


Sounds like a pretty good indication of the recoverability of student loans - basically 50pin the pound


I reckon it’s a lot less than that. The shit will hit the fan when the banks realise that all the money leant to universities to fund all this student accommodation is just pie in the sky.


But the Universities have the money from the students, unless it’s all virtual money from the Student Loans Company (TBH I’m conjecturising as I’ve not really looked into it).

However, here at BU, there is tons of Student accommodation going up but it’s owned by Student Accommodation companies, not BU!!

Student loans were already deferrable, depending on your salary, and then they are written off after 25 (??) years.


Magic money conjured from debt that will never be repaid.