:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Boris’ Brother sticking the knife in??



Simple political opportunists is all. I suspect they don’t give a toss about this.


Doesn’t matter. They’ve got a vote in the lobby.


Meh, it’s about keeping their profiles in the media. They could have said nothing and simply voted at the appropriate time.


A small sample size but can imagine it’s pretty accurate.

I had the honour of going to the local housing office today. Got there a 8.40 to ensure we’d be seen. 3rd in queue when doors opened at 9am. Excellent I thought. Then there were 3 queuing systems we were 2nd in ours. I thought we’d be seen pretty damn quick. Then I noticed they’d snuck another lot in before us. Finally seen at 9.30. Not bad as have waited 4 hours in the old process. However we left at 11. Not because we had lots of questions but because the IT system they use crashed all the time.

So I asked about it. It a a new government system. Rolled out in April 2018. The officer said to specifically collect documents that the housing office gather from people do come in. I noted a large poster at the door about how they’re checking ID to make sure those who are entitled get support.
So you go into your local office with your passport and probably assume they’ll just have a copy on file. Had to say that wasn’t really explained to the young person at the beginning.
Part of the hostile environment. You bet.



No confidence now?

I never had any confidence in her when she took over.


No wonder McVey resigned yesterday:



No fucking surprise the ‘Government’ disagreed with his verdict despite the evidence staring them in the face everyday, and the arrogance to declare that austerity is over well fuck me sideways, champagne all round eh? I’m sure they’ve got some spare caviar knocking round the foodbanks we could have too.




But the government disagree with this all. This must be fake news right?

“a lot of misery, a lot of people who feel the system is failing them, a lot of people who feel the system is really just there to punish them”
It is. I see it a lot.


The most sickening thing about the Prime Minister’s speech last night was when she implied the British people had prosperity and security.


What’s most worrying is how these people will be affected more post Brexit.


Which ones Cherts, the rich or the poor?



Yeah, because the EU was really batting for them, wasn’t it?

That’s why it took the UN to shine a light on this shitshow.


Wrong thread, back to Brexit thread. Nothing to see here…



Don’t blame me. Blame @Chertsey-Saint. For everything actually. Even the Great War.

In 1914, Cherts was not an unconsidered twinkle in an unconsidered descendant’s eye.

He was in Sarajevo, assassinating Archduke Ferdinand.

Gavrilo Chertship, they called him :slight_smile: