:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Hmm. Doesn’t reek of confidence.




shit shower:


This really isn’t a good look.

Especially when it’s international news.



I saw this earlier and one thing jumped out which I meant to ask you about

“…Some of that rise may be down to better awareness but there has also been a substantial increase in children placed on child protection plans, where social workers monitor the way a child is being looked after to keep them safe…”

Do you think there is an element of Social Workers erring on the side of caution and actually adding to the burden? It seems they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t- lose/lose either way.


Yes maybe some are erring on the side of caution but we should be using research and tools to weigh up the risks and resilence in a family. We are now more likely to put children at risk of gangs / in gangs / cse on plans. This is new and not mentioned in the article.
There is an increase in section 47s (child protection) referrals and investigations. This is when a child discloses physical/sexual abuse or it could be chronic neglect. From my own experience a lot of those close after investigation because quite a bit is chastisement with an implement and we can educate people it’s not appropriate.
I rarely put cases through to child protection. I don’t think I have particularly high thresholds.
We definitely need more early intervention. More education about healthy relationships in schools (addressing the high number of domestic abuse cases).
Poverty is having a huge impact. Housing being a main issue.


Thank you @Intiniki good to have an expert available who knows what they are talking about to give opinion from the coalface, so to speak.

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Probably could have gone on the Brexshit thread but I don’t go there now:

Raab is my local MP. I’ve never voted for him and never will.


Thick as mince is Raab.




You’re being a bit harsh on mince.



Bet his speech writer is toast