:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Sorry Gav, I’m not having that.

Our Prime Minister is Mr Burns in drag.


Are the constant belittling phrases, they deliberately use(think Pfeffel), a way of normalising racist terminology and thought?
It’s an old and trusted technique, which fits with the twisting of nationality, what that stands for and who it includes.


Absolutely right. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, i have said many times on political threads on here that this government have nothing but contempt for the electorate. If they catch themselves telling the truth they tell a few more lies just to keep their hand in. To them it is all about their own careers and keeping their place at the trough. Which is why, i think, Corbyn has struck a chord with people across the country. Regardless of whether or not you agree with his views and policies, he is self evidently a decent man, with long held principles which he sticks to. He refuses to engage with the personal abuse, vitriol and lies which have been thrown at him from day one of his leadership. It really must infuriate them. May was at it again today in her speech, with her remarks about Corbyn ‘outsourcing his conscience to the Kremlin’. He clearly has them rattled as the odious Gove showed in his speech on Monday. The difference between Corbyn and this absolute shower is that, unlike them, he hasn’t spent the last 30 odd years as an MP, backstabbing, trampling over his colleagues in an attempt to reach the top of the greasy pole. After more than 30 years as a mostly anonymous backbench MP the leadership fell into his lap, nobody would have been more surprised than him. I have no doubt that he will seize this chance to try and change things for the better for the majority, who up till now have had their interests totally ignored, and treated as fodder except for a few weeks of an election campaign, when they are treated with utter contempt with pie in the sky promises which are immediately forgotten once the government is returned. More and more people are sussing this out. The Tory government, indeed the whole establishment know this and it terrifies them. They will stop at nothing in their attempts to stop a Corbyn led government taking over. But hopefully they have shot their wad, if they had anything of substance on Corbyn which could bring him down they would have used it by now. The only thing left is for him to have an ‘accident’. I wouldn’t put that past them either.


Solid post that bud, can’t really disagree with any of it.

I probably fall into the camp of not being a wholehearted supporter of Corbyn, I’ve been critical at times, but your assessment here is spot on. I’ve not doubt he’s a good bloke, and genuinely wants to improve things for people. There’s certain areas where I have been disappointed with him. But given the choice, I’d take him as PM in a heartbeat.





According to the PM, we have reached the end of austerity. I look forward to immediate Government announcements confirming rises in Public Sector investment across the board, an end to salary caps, a reverse in the savage cuts to NHS and the emergency Services, increases in spending on Education infrastructure, housing provision for the homeless and a new cycle helmet for Boris Johnson (i may have got the words “helmet” and “for” the wrong way round here).

I have more chance of getting a wank off the pope.


Well the Pope is a bit of a tart Numptyboi so that is always possible


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Lying bastards

DFE school funding claims face investigation - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-45746062

They tried to claim we’re the 3rd highest spenders on education in the world but failed to make it clear that they’d included all uni tutition fees and private school fees into that figure.


Oh good, all uni kids can claim back tuition fees if the government include it in their spending figures. I’d imagine there’s going to be a massive rise in the popularity of private schools as well.


Mrs C_S works in The HE planning sector - she & colleagues were a tad miffed to hear that.

When I say “a tad miffed” I may have under exaggerated a little.


A great summary of Tory achievements at the end.


I’ve been watching bits and bobs from the Tory Conference. I don’t want to piss off Tory voters, but many of their members don’t seem like particularly nice types. Owen Jones did a video and was verbally accosted by several people, basically for being Owen Jones.

The Chuck Chequers lad had his badges knocked out of his hand. I have seen more people watching meaningless pre-season friendlies in unfancied grounds than turned up for the speeches from the big ministers. They are an absolute fucking shambles, and we all know that if a Momentum member had twatted a load of badges out of somebody’s hand just because they had a difficult political opinion, it’d be front page news in some places.


It’s all getting really depressing.

something I deal with a lot. Or not as none of the cases that need help are opened.



Something about McVey makes me want to start swearing very loudly.


The number of Sure Start workers lost in Southampton is very high. I had my placement in one of them in 2011-12.


Fucking glorious.


fuck me - an honest politician

Annoyingly the system won’t allow him to climb the greasy pole whilst holding such forthright views.