:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Thought he hit top form with the Grayling bit, but then this.
“While the rest of them were mainlining amphetamines or taking psychedelics, Phil had stubbornly chosen to overdose on barbiturates.”


So civil partnerships to be offered to hetero couples?

What’s the fucking point?

Compared to Corbyn’s big bag o’ retail policy, the Tory conference is a big bag of shite.


It’s about the only thing they’ve said that I think is good.

Just seen they’re going to make the test for citizenship harder. I was listening to a podcast where they asked some of the questions I’d definitely fail it.


Well this is a bit naughty.


I don’t see how it offers any advantage over marriage, frankly.

In fact, you’re actually worse off. You can get grounds for a divorce under a marriage if your partner commits adultery or changes sex. You can’t under a civil partnership.

It’s just another bollocks identity politics initiative which will make no appreciable difference to peoples’ lives.



Well, to be fair, the ECHR did find that not allowing heterosexual couple to have a civil partnership was against the Convention on Human Rights so they had to do something about it.

And, to be fair, it was a couple who brought it to the ECHR so they must care about it.

But other than that, and the legal difference it makes, you’re right.


It’s significant in the fact that all of the questions and is related to Johnson’s speech. That’s why she won’t do an interview. Seriously, in more other news, the DUP are threatening to ditch the coalition over the border. This is the real story and the crux


The border between NI and Republic



Tech companies are always ahead. They pay people to imagine future scenarios. It’s not a coincedence that they are all investing heavily in Space Travel and AI. Amazon has unprecendented revenues for any company, in history. They still operate at a loss. All profits are looked at as wasted money.


‘Enoch was Right’

‘Jude :star_of_david:️’


Dunno if this is just me being paranoid, but the ‘ok’ symbols are also a prominent White Power salute (3 fingers up = W, thumb + index finger = P).

Imagine what else, other than ‘Fuck the NHS’, is on those shirts.

Wonder if there’ll be months long coverage of Tory racism? Will Sajid Javid get on his high horse about Racism/anti-Semitism? Personally, I’m doubtful.


Maybe that’s just a one off. Let’s have a look.

Multiculturalism ‘robs Britain of its community’ - Tory London mayor pick

Plus apparently in the mail, Plymouth University has suspended their Conservative association due to racist behaviour.

Maybe not then.


You’d think they’d learn, don’t you?

The campaign the Tories ran at the last Mayoral Election in London was disgusting, filled to the back teeth with dog-whistle and overt racism. It was rejected.

London is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities on the planet. Yes, I’m obviously biased, I’ve spent most of my life here, heck my name even comes from the borough my family were once from, but it’s that diversity that is one of the cities biggest strengths. Don’t get me wrong, there is a fuck load of problems here, it’s a long way from perfect, but I love what a melting pot it is - and would struggle to leave it for somewhere that wasn’t similar.

It’s why so many on the far-right seek to denigrate places like London. It’s a shining example that people can come from all over, and for the most part coexist in relative harmony. Again, it’s not perfect, but for the most part it works. It flies in the face of the narrative they want to portray, and shows a serious flaw in their divide & rule tactics. Hence the talk of ‘no-go’ areas, sharia patrols, lawless streets etc. Farage, Trump, Hopkins etc, they are all at it.

We don’t take too kindly to this shit, and it really won’t wash. Speaking of, I see Farage is also considering running too. That would be hilarious, he’d get no where here.


Yeah, good point about last time and the multicultural aspect. The one place you can’t talk like that and expect major support is London.
The worry for me, is that it’s getting worse and as much as i dislike the tories policies, this issue has no place in either of the major parties. History shows where this leads and it’s always violent.


Good fucking grief.


They’re using the word ‘dances’ very loosely there. ‘Walks on stage like Robocop’ might have been more accurate.


Personally, it’s nice to find out i’m not the worst dancer on the planet. All i need is a room full of Mays and i’ll almost competent.


The thing that strikes me most is that despite the sheer chaos the Tories have created at this point, and the obvious divisions they’ve created both within the country and their own party, and the clear void of ideas they’ve got - their leader and the man clearly gunning for the top job they are both pulling childish pranks and ‘self-deprecating digs’ . I cannot help but think they are just laughing at us. They have no regard whatsoever for the people this squabbling is affecting.

It’s probably not surprising. JRM thinks people can mitigate any adverse affects of Brexit (I thought there wouldn’t be any?) through expenses, bonds, and shares. Steven Woolfe, the former UKIPper famous for being laid out by another 'kipper and not being allowed to join the Tories, is bemoaning the lack of ‘working class Tory Mp’s’.

Is this conference remotely aware of reality?


Oh, related to a few of the above points…

Jesus wept. I feel I’m facepalming so often at the moment I’m in serious danger of giving myself brain damage.