:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


There is licencing now for landlords so I know that someone has reported these properties to the council and someone will go out and check the property. They hopefully will have to address the poor quality but they will no doubt keep renting out the property to desperate people needing a roof over their head.
There needs to be rent control / caps, more council home built etc. I have to encourage people to leave their family support network to live somewhere cheaper but these people are the shop workers, cleaners, teaching assistants, carers etc.
When I started this job I never thought I’d be involved in this type of work because it’s not really child protection but it is impacting on those children living in conditions their parents are pretty much stuck in. I seem to be becoming an advocate for these families and trying to support them out.


Whilst everyone is stuck in the sisyphean task they’ve set, no one is looking at the real Antisemites.
It’s a great trick, i’ll give them that.


Who gives a fuck…I’ll continue to treat Jewish people equally as any other…and reserve the right to criticise Isrealli disregard for Human Rights whenever they are contravened.

Life is simple…it’s not an exercise in semantics.




Two words spring to mind here: ‘It’ & ‘Shitting’. Not necessarily in that order.



I cannot even comprehend how these people are so relentlessly incompetent. Literally everything they touch turns to shit. Not surprising, look at what they’ve done over the past 8 years.


Oh also, Boris is now proposing we build a bridge, yes a fucking bridge, to Ireland. :man_facepalming:


Build the bridge! Build the bridge!

And get the Irish to pay for it!


Pfeffel is obsessed with bridges. There was the posh people bridge, that he wasted millions of tax payer money on. There was the channel bridge, that was just mental. There was the airport in the estuary, which would no doubt have needed a bridge or two. Now a bridge to Ireland, that’s more mental than the Channel one.
What next, a bridge to America?
A bridge to the moon maybe :lou_facepalm_2:


At this point I honestly think he’s taking policy advice from this guy



Jesus fucking wept, this is the man trying to stake a claim for the role of PM. How fucking childish are these idiots?




Mayhem’s announcement at the weekend that the government is to spend 120 million on a "Festival of Brexit Britain’ in 2022 is the subject of much hilarity and mockery on social media. Bands and various artistes are queuing up to announce that they won’t be taking part. Possible activities include workshops on cooking chlorinated chicken and buying unregulated medicine on e-bay, deport a foreigner tombola, games of pin the blame on a remainer, Morris Dancing etc. Get your tickets today!
Revellers set out early for Theresa Mays ‘Festival of Brexit Britain’.


One small change and I’m golden with this idea. It’s only 111m more expensive than the Remain leaflet we paid 9m for and it’ll probably gen up some business beyond the printers and postmen.

Can we change “pin the blame onto a Remainer” to “twat a Quisling” please?

Given that the debate has been over for a couple of years, there are no longer Leavers or Remainers. Just democrats vs anti-democrats. And I’d love to fist a fascist.


I’m sure I recall an adult art movie of that name