:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


In some ways I hate the things more than normal cigarettes - the smell of some of the sweeter ones in particular.

I don’t care what people do to themselves if they use these things but I’d rather they remain treated like normal fags and not made acceptable.

Suspect someone stands to make a lot of money somewhere along the line…



Considering there were reports in last couple of weeks saying vaping, whilst better than smoking, is more harmful than first thought, then these MPs are fucked in the head


Or those reports are sponsored by the tobacco lobby?

I don’t know that, but if I was still advising companies on market strategy that’s what I’d advise them to do if their proven-to-cause-cancer nicotine delivery system was usurped by an unproven-to-cause-cancer delivery system. I’d start spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).


Ultimately if people want Vape, then that can only be a good thing if it gets people off of smoking. As to whether the rules on where you can vape should be relaxed (actually they are not covered by smoking rules) - most organisations ban it inside of premises and I think thats right, given the clouds of vape that are given off. Can you imagine going to the cinema and sitting behind some one vaping away.

As for vaping at work, as I said to the first person to chance their arm here, you will be smoking that thing out of your arse if you do it again.


Mrs Bletch and I were at a local put last night (with @Fowllyd and Mrs @Fowllyd as it happens) and there was a guy smoking a vape at the bar. He only took one puff as I think he’d just come in from outside. Mrs Bletch doesn’t like it at all and told me I had to go and complain, but as it happened the guy didn’t puff again.

I guess if the landlord was OK with it then there was nothing I could have done.

Anyway, It’d be a little hypocritical as I’ve got a vape myself - although I don’t use it much. I did try some CBD oil which had quite a relaxing effect - although that was probably auto-suggestive.


Measles seems to be increasing again.


Measles could be the no vaccination peoplebeing a cause. I meet more and more parents who don’t trust vaccinations. I recently saw in the news there were campaigns highlighting measles vaccinations to festival attendees and young people travelling. This is because they’re more likely not to have been vaccinated as their parents were concerned about it. These youngsters head off to parts of Europe with low level vaccinations (think Italy and Greece were mentioned) so more likely to pick it up and spread it.
When I was working in Southampton there was a lot of Scarlett fever going on.

I feel I am becoming more and more a welfare rights worker dealing with forms and people in debt,not understanding that even though there on benefits they now have to pay a council tax contribution, getting into debt etc. All these changes they bring in don’t appear to reply filter to people who need to know.




Someone needs to tell that soldier that wages are going up because of Brexit.


Someone needs a new joke book.

Remember that I’ve heard all of Athletico Mince, most of Stewart Lee and near all of anything Coogan or Ianucci have been involved with.

Pilfer carefully :smiley:


The Maybot is back…


God that really is excruciating to watch, yet somehow mesmerising at the same time.

She makes Peter Crouch look like Fred Astaire.






At least he got a decent hand-job out of it.



This week I have seen some appalling housing conditions where landlords are renting out for extortionate amount.
This needs to be addressed so desperately. It started with selling off council housing and is just getting worse.


It’s a difficult one, both to change the way property works in this country and to legislate poor rental accommodations.

I would have thought though, as @pap will tell us, Demand for these properties - especially the squalid ones - will decrease with the reduction in cheap Labour within the country, therefore quality of properties will have to increase or prices fall to allow them to continue being occupied.