:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


It’s the quiet bat people.


Sorry Goaty but it appears they are .



Nah, no having that.
That’s a bird in a frock


Not a word from the Board of Deputies and their Anti-Semite screaming Jewish media. Likewise the various Friends of Israel groups, Hodge, Watson, Ian Austin, Berger et al. Cat got their tongues? Perhaps they agree with him! The line from the Mail-Express-Sun is that Johnson’s political enemies are using the story to undermine him. But when this argument is used by Corbyn supporters they are immediately accused of being rabid Anti-Semites. What hypocrisy.



Will this be part of the investigation into the wider issue of rampant Islamophobia infecting the party(hopefully the antisemitism as well), or a separate whitewash just to stop the headlines i wonder. As there doesn’t seem to be too many headlines about the bigger issue that has been raised by many of their own(unlike unfounded Corbyn’s an antisemite headlines)
If only we had a fair and balanced press.


Me thinks the knives are out for Boris


Lets hops they all find their mark…



Gloria Hunniford! :rofl:


This is bloody funny. Could you do the honours please modboy if needed.




Friend of Israel IDS who once called Israel ‘a lighthouse of democracy in a troubled region.’
What’s his views on freedom of speech when people rightly call it a apartheid state?


Boom :smiley:


Poor old Mayhem is receiving some fearful stick for another of her excruciating grovelling curtseys to Prince William at the Amiens ceremony. What century does she think we are in? I rather like this take on it when she did another one when she met him back in June!



Reminds me of the episode of The Thick of it, where Nicola Murray is learning how to walk holding a poppy wreath.


God, what does she think she looks like, just look at her face. I know it is amusing but i do find it slightly troubling to see a British PM behaving in this way. Here we have a sixty year old woman abasing herself in public at the feet of a man half her age, with a row of silly medals on his chest that were given to him by his granny. Remind me, what century are we in? We are not Saudi Arabia, although i can see why she gets on so well with them. They will probably use that picture in their schools as an example of how their women are expected to behave.


Looks like a Preying Mantis…“Ooo your majestry…I’m not worthy”
“No May, you’re not”


I’d forgotten about this…