:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


ok bletch you forced it out of me, what’s with the ‘strong text’ bit in Intiniki’s post? Is it a bug with the bold function?


So i think @Intiniki pressed the bold and italic icons on the toolbar without first selecting the text she wants to make bold and italic.

This is bold.

I am now pressing bold without selecting the text strong text



Apologies @gavstar for this error. I was on my phone and struggle at times to hit reply. @saintbletch has said it’s a issue on chrome. So I tried several times but accidentally pressed something or other.

Still the main issue is the Tories are making a right hash of things.


Next time Chrome updates on your phone the problem should be fixed. See here.


What a complete clusterfuck. Northampton council now having to cut services including those to vulnerable children and barely able to meet basic legally required service.


I read somewhere that a London borough is also struggling. Having spent a small fortune on agency staff.
The government wanted to bring in changes to childrens legislation which meant they didn’t have to do some of the statutory stuff but that was quashed. But maybe they knew councils will soon struggle to carry out their legal obligations because of the massive cuts they’ve imposed.
We used to have some auxillary workers who could do practical pieces of work with families (form filling, go to benefits office etc). They were cut. They’re now bringing in volunteers to do it.


And when this happens the line we get from government is that local services and local budget management are devolved to local councils.

Either that or Tory will point at Labour and cite a Tory council that is coping - suggesting it’s labour mismanagement or willful failure to score points.

And you know what, I’m fucking bored of it and it really makes people’s shit lives shittier.


It’s almost like money is disappearing into thin ‘offshore account’ air. Where’s all our fucking money you tory cunts?!

theresa may visits sotonians right? I need to know she’s seen and acknowledged this message.


I don’t know how accurate this is but fuck it it looks nice and incriminating.


So an extra 800bn quid or so (I may be rounding up) added to the national debt since the tories came to power, I’d like to know what they’ve spent it on please.




Union flag bunting.


Meetings at Chequers


Duck houses?


Paying private companies (owned by Tory MPs or the mates)?


To be fair they’d probably say they were largely borrowing to service debt.

I’d love to know what the repayments are on that sort of debt but it’s complex and wrapped up in bonds and all sorts.

The massive debt going in to the referendum was another factor that made me conclude it wasn’t a good time to start afresh. Given that our ability to issue bonds to repay that debt is predicately largely on the value of the pound or at least future confidence in the value of the pound it’s a risky time.


The interest alone is probably about £350m a week :lou_wink_2:


And now East Sussex council are saying they’re fucked


Fuck me, that’s the ball dropped big style.

If Liverpool had not taken the City Region option, we’d already have been in the situation where the city could not pay for its legally mandated services. Kinda why we went for it.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Conservatives doesn’t give a fuck about places that always vote Labour.

It is surprising to see that they haven’t helped out the places they need.