:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?



So some councils are finding it hard to make ends meet and vulnerable children aren’t getting the support they need.

I am all about solution focused outsome so I’ve found some money we could have spent on them. Not a lot admittedly but this project is more about suggesting social workers aren’t up to scratch than helping us perform the best we can and provide support.

And it’s not all social workers. Just the ones who deal with kids. Seems a bit unfair.


Boris Johnson told to apologise for burka jibe -

I bet this will be picked up by the media for months like antisemitism in the Labour party.


Anti-semitism in the Labour Party? I hadn’t heard about that, where’s the articles about this?


He is quite clearly trying to get himself sacked.

Apparently he won’t be apologising.


I’m sure this behaviour has absolutely nothing to do with BoJo linking up with Steve Bannon recently.

P.s. hey Cherts!


Hello mate, long time no talk!

Yeah. It has everything to do with that, and after being sacked he will make a run for the Tory party leadership. It’s gotta be why he’s being such a relentless cunt (of course, he may just be a relentless cunt).


What can he get sacked from though? If he gets the whip withdrawn he can’t run for the leadership, surely?


My thoughts exactly. The only people that can “sack” him from his job as an MP are his constituents. The party can withdraw its official support and recognition, but even if he was locked up in prison for something, he’d still be an MP.


He could do a Goldsmith and be an independent for a couple of days, or if his ego is as big as it appears, start his own party(basically swallow up ukip) with his new BFF Bannon.
Just in time for corporate America to be handed everything on a plate.


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On Newsnight tonight Nadim Zahawi (privately educated) Minister for Children and Families is suggesting children at risk could go to boarding schools. Apparently some places are doing this.
So the Local Authority pay 60% of cost and boarding school the other 40%.
In Norfolk of 52 placed over a 10 year period (tiny number) 2/3 came off a child protection plan (they used the dated 2at risk register" term) after 3 years. Their GCSE grades were better than their other at risk cohort.

So I’d hope that a child placed outside of their home (where they may be at risk) or their local area (where they may be at risk of gangs etc) that they would come off a child protection plan way before 3 years. If a child is on a child protection plan over a year there needs to be questions about the efficacy of the plan.

It is also a small number of children who would get this support from the large number of children who need preventative services. This money could be used in re-opening the closed children’s centres or youth centres,



In line with your thoughts @krg



Johnson really is a despicable little shit. He made those comments knowing full well that they could and would be defended by all of his little chums (Rees-Mogg et al) as being a touch of humour and nothing more. They are, of course, belittling and ridiculing of Muslim women, and Johnson knows this full well.

As others have pointed out, it’s dog-whistle stuff for Muslim-haters.


Not that it matters a huge amount, but if things do pan out, BoJo will soon be my MP.

That’ll be at least another 2 votes against him. Not that it’ll make much difference.


Oh, lordy - really?


I am interested to see what happens with Boris - there is pretty widespread criticism within the Tory ranks, however if he continues to refuse to apologise, then I would expect a formal reaction from the party.

I also expect them to pull their finger out and get it done quickly, instead of letting it fester


Well there you are… It’s starting. Confusion as to whether it’s racist/offensive. And if its not (and if people convince themselves so) then it’s fine to say stuff like that. Just like in Denmark, as soon as the burqa ban comes in a member of the public attacks a Muslim woman trying to remove her face covering. And why not… The Muslim woman was breaking the law. I’m sure that Danish woman intervened with all sorts of petty law breaking before - chasing litterers down the road ands attacking those who went at 32mph in a 30 zone.