:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


May and Pfeffels faces being more honest than their words ever have.


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Inadvertently misled?
That’s a fucking long winded way of saying lied and she absolutely knew she was lying.



Reports that David Davis has resigned. He didn’t like it up him.


Will there be more resignations today?
Not one of them has said anything positive about May or the latest plan. Has there been any support from anyone in the cabinet?


Another (minor) reversal of Tory policy today

The letter says a lot more


BJ has gone.



At this rate it’ll be down to me to meet that orange cunt at Heathrow.


I’m sure he’ll fit in the back of the van.


How big is the van? He’s quite portly.


He wouldnt know a port from a porter

Which is another reason to let the goat collect him


Not sure that TM is going survive this. Gove will go next if she pushes ahead with her proposal.


Jesus, are people really suggesting that the flying wardrobe has a shout at the top job?


Do you think so?
Read somewhere that he backed it. Is this not true, or just him going with the flow?
If he goes soon it’s surely because he knows she’s definitely gone.


I see some Tory minister twat has resigned after sending a number of sexual texts to constituents. There was a lovely bit on the bbc where they suggested that this was better for May as at least they hadn’t because of brexit.