:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Someone castrate the bugger…he should be living under a bridge in Charring Cross.


All interviews should be conducted like this. Well done Mr Madeley.


lol. Richard goes full Alan Partridge.


Seconded. Get him on Newsnight i say. Williamson is getting some fearful stick in the media over it, some of the comments in the Guardian are hilarious. Never really paid much attention to Madeley before, but fair play to him. Let’s hope some of the so called serious political presenters take note, and follow suit. They should bring an unwritten rule in, ask the question twice, if it’s still not answered do what Madeley did and cut them off, telling them why they are doing so. Nothing like the threat of public humiliation to concentrate these shyster’s minds.

I still miss Paxman. This clip is from one of the last interviews he did for Newsnight so he was probably a bit demob happy. But it remains possibly the greatest question ever asked by a journalist. Take it away Paxo.


TBF he is not wrong!!!


Why is he still a member of government and has not been sacked / strung up / shot / imprisoned / any of the formentioned?


sadly because the newish constituency of North East Somerset appear to keep voting him in. Pre-2010 before boundary changes it was a Labour area.

People at Eton thought he was a bit of a caricature, seems some of the British public like that in an MP.


Now is this going to get as much press coverage…

Muslim group tells Tories to ‘remove Islamophobia from party’


Bloody Muslims, coming over here telling our Tories not be racist. They’ll be banning Christmas next.


Nothing in the guardian, but they are doing their bit to keep the spotlight on Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn holds “antisemitic views” which could drive Jewish people to leave Britain if he becomes prime minister,

The guardian, working hand in hand with the tory party spreading lies, to save a system of massive inequality and destruction.

What a shit rag it is nowadays.


Um, it’s there at the top of the Guardian web page.


Found it now and it says posted at 08:55. Can only assume i posted before it went up, as i checked headlines, politics and UK sections beforehand.

Will they run this story daily for months as well i wonder? A bit of consistency would be appreciated, so let’s hope so.




Ughhhh. I mean none of them seem to be up to much. But this guy?



The sad thing is that he probably would be better than May at dealing with this.

Boris Johnson is just an opportunistic shithouse with no real political convictions. Check out his pro-Remain speech. He chose the Leave one instead.


Gove campaigned for Brexit on principle, and is reportedly very intelligent. His problem is that he has no grasp of what life is actually like for the peasantry, chats a lot of shit and would probably start a few wars before the negotiations were over.


Gove and Clown BoJo are both odious little self-serving little shits who don’t care about the peasantry

only my own personal opinion, but I’m sure their mothers love them.




Let’s be honest here, Boris could drop a turd on Theresa May’s desk and brag about it to the media and she still wouldn’t sack him. She is without doubt the worst, weakest Prime Minister ever. The worst government ever. Bar none. What an embarrassment.