:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


Peak media?

Every tory win is reported as “because of Labours anti semitism row” in the guardian. Appears that cities have gone more to Labour and semi rural areas mainly to the Tories.

As you said, just how bad does it have to get. Good proof of the power of media and stupidly of people that vote against their own interests because they are told too.


The media’s demonising of Corbyn seems to have been quite successful.


I think you need to give people more credit. To say that people who have cast a vote for a candidate representing a party you don’t like, have been either manipulated by the media or are stupid is, at best misguided and at worst sanctimonious.

The vast majority of people are intelligent enough to make up their own minds and will vote how they vote for their own reasons. Just becasue that view might differ from yours, does not make them stupid or gullible.


The same vast majority that believed the lie that the last Labour government caused the worldwide financial crash and that immigration is the cause of all other problems? I’ll credit them with something, but not intelligence.

The power of the media to manipulate people is as strong as ever.

Would you vote for a party that has made your life worse and promises to continue on that path? That’s what most people face, but still vote as instructed.

Strange world


It is indeed a strange world, SOS and for me, one that is made stranger by a (by no means unusual) viewpoint that seeks to self-justify a sanctimony and general derogation of a number of people because their viewpoint happens to be different. I draw no distinction between political beliefs here, merely stating a discomfort with some whose primary basis for argument comes from a belief that they “know better than me” and, worse, they “know what is right for me”.

You highlight two points to justify your argument, that are quite different from your original generalisation about people being stupid. But for me, the argument is not about specifics, more about principles or more correctly, the principles of democracy and respect. The political and media systems are skewed enough without decent people playing the same game.


Because you are terrified of the alternative?


Fair points. I do have a tenancy to put things in a blunt fashion, so apologies if i offend.

I’m happy for people to vote as they please and will respect the result. I also understand there are numerous reasons for their choices, but i don’t believe most people truly realise how the msm work, or the true scale of power it has over them, so they are cajoled into voting against their own best interests. That’s not democracy and it does piss me off(unless i’m wrong, then i’m just pissed off and too stupid to know why).


The media can give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done then.


Makes sense now. All this time i thought I was making informed decisions, when actually I 'm just a thick gullible twat who is taking it up the arse from murdoch and his cronies. Thank god we have you to remind us.


Strange post. You doubt the ability of constant propaganda to shape people’s perception?

What alternative terrifies you so and how did you develop this fear of the unknown.


More votes than all other parties put together.

Best result for almost 50 years.

Plus 1 on the tories worse result for almost 50 years.

How’s it being reported by the msm?


This belongs here, although we keep telling ourselves we aren’t just part of America.

See the similarities?



How many of us wouldn’t get a passport under these conditions?



That’s amazing. Being notoriously promiscuous is a reason for turning people down. "

“How dare you enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, get out of our backward country”.

What a weird place this has become.


Sounds to me like a perfectly good reason to let them in.


Nope, Corbyn 2.0, init. Besides, Labour won that election. Extrapolated as a general election, Corbyn would be asked to form a minority government by the Queen.

At some point in the last week the Labour leader has undergone a major reboot. At recent prime minister’s questions Jeremy Corbyn’s main achievement has been to make Theresa May appear less hopeless than she really is by failing to speak in joined-up sentences or asking questions even he couldn’t understand. All the prime minister had to do to survive unscathed was stand up and answer the question she would like to have been asked. Something that even she could just about manage.


Don’t know if this is correct place for this.


Shocking the system making decisions. 2 weeks training,managers chasing up decisions to meet timescales.

I make pretty important decisions in my job. To do my role you have to have a 3 year BA or 2 year MA. Then a further assessment for a year in post. They (government) also want us to do more tests and be accredited. I have 45 days to assess a family. Speaking to children, parents and professionals to make a holistic decision. Even in the timeframe it’s not easy.

These guys should have way more training and time to make these life or death decisions.


I know there is no shortage of competition, but is there a more vile and less suitable for the position Government Minister than Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey? Ms McVey, who is responsible for benefits and pensions has lodged a protest against a move to regulate gambling machines which critics say cause crime and family breakdown. McVey strongly objected to plans to limit the maximum stakes on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals to 2 pounds. The machines, dubbed the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling, currently allow stakes of up to 100 pounds every 20 seconds on casino games like roulette. Research has linked these machines with unemployment, child deprivation, households in debt and family breakdown. The government have already announced 100 pound stakes are to be outlawed, but they want to give the bookies more time to make representations before taking a final decision on a reduced stake. The bookies?! Why on earth should they have any say on a decision like this? I’m sure they will be completely impartial. A cross party group of MPs have written to Theresa May arguing that the government has a ‘moral duty’ to reduce the maximum stake to 2 pounds.

Esther McVey is in a relationship with fellow Tory MP Philip Davies, who has been an outspoken defender of FOBT machines in the House of Commons, and has accepted thousands of pounds worth of hospitality from bookmakers.

The gifts were declared properly to House of Commons authorities and there is no suggestion either MP has broken any rules. This of course is the biggest scandal of all, the fact that this sort of thing is perfectly fine and dandy, not against any rules etc etc. Lets call it what it is, it’s corruption. In plain sight. I’ve said it before but i don’t mind repeating it, these people who govern us have utter contempt for the electorate. They simply don’t care what it looks like to ordinary people when they are taking back handers from businessmen to make policy in their favour, at the expense of the overwhelming majority they are there to represent. A fucking disgrace. Esther McVey is despised in her home city of Liverpool, they are ashamed of her, and rightly so.


When is this man going to be leader of the Conservatives?