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:soccer: The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread


He played in the U-21s last season so…but from Wikipedia

Angus Fraser James Gunn (born 22 January 1996)




Or not



Meanwhile, we have been busy this transfer window

We have signed the following:-

Roland Idowu (joins from St Joseph’s Boys AFC)
David Osaretin Agbontohoma (joins from Arsenal)
Allan Tchaptchet (joins from French club, Sannois Saint-Gratien)
Pascal Kpohomouh (joins from Man City)
Benni Smales-Braithwaite (joins from Man City)
Seamas Keogh (joins from Irish club, Sligo Rovers)
Rio Glean (joins from Tottenham Hotspur)
Caleb Watts (joins from QPR)

Interesting that we have attracted so many as 1st year scholars from outside our Youth Ranks.

These are the home grown lads

Jack Bycroft
James Morris
Michael Saunders
Ryan Cluett
Ethan Burnett
Callum Watts
Lucas Defise

Supposedly after a kid from Barca who is very highly rated as well.

Maybe The Southampton Way is back and we have finally repaired the U-18’s machine

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Shaqiri to Liverpool was entirely predictable to be honest. At least this puts the tentative links with us to bed!


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Not sure what I feel about “missing out” on Shaqiri.

In spells he was amazing for Stoke, but only in spells.

I kept thinking that his talent was perhaps suppressed by Stoke’s pragmatism and with Liverpool and Klopp likely to give him lots of attacking freedom then I guess we’ll soon see.


I think he would have been another Billy big bollocks and caused controversy and upheavel in the dressing room when it didn’t go his way.


Shaqiri would probably have got as a few more goals than Tadic but certainly wouldn’t have put the same amount of work in.
Will struggle to get a game at Liverpool so can’t see him staying there very long.


So that’s Gunn (GK), Vestergaard (CB), Elyounoussi (LW) and Armstrong (CM) all on board.
Reckon we still need a right back and a striker and that will be us about done.


It’s pleasing to see us being a bit more ‘positive’ in our dealings this summer.

I’d agree with the others that need to come in, I guess it may yet depend on whether anyone else leaves and if they need replacing.

But we certainly look to be getting a fair bit of our business done well in advance of the season starting, and that’s got to be a good thing.


Personally I’d still like to see another wide player come in. As you all know I’m not a huge fan of Redmond and believe it cannot be that hard to improve on him. Just the one goal from all of those games, from his advanced position is POOR. To put this in to context, Davis and Stephens scored more and one goal is the same as defensive players like Yoshida (who may actually have scored more, I can’t recall), Hoedt, Bednarek, Romeu, PEH, Lemina and even Cédric. As I said, POOR. Maybe Hughes can get more out of him though :man_shrugging:

A target man would be good.

With regards to right back cover, I don’t really see the point in bringing in these journeymen (Pied, Martina) on two year contracts, only to let them run them down. I’d rather push an academy prospect like Valery, considering how few minutes Cédric actually missed last season. Or, tell Redmond to learn to play right wing back.


Jannik Vestergaard Signs - Offical

As we may well be in the market for a new centre forward, just thought I’d post this.

Good old Graziano. Some proper beast headers in there :muscle:t2:


Me and my gammy knee would be an improvement on Redmond


I wonder if he might have suffered from our last two managers’ tactics?

I also wonder if he might just be more shit than good, too.


There might have been some substance to the first part of your post, were it not for the fact that Puel played him upfront. Or as close to the goal as possible and he still only got seven goals.

It is a make or break season for him because I can’t imagine the club offering a bumper new contract any time soon. What’s he got left 2 or 3 years?

I don’t mind crap players so long as they try their best and play to their strengths. He doesn’t. He points the finger at others and thinks he is Iniesta. He should concentrate on running fast in a straight line at the fullback.


All true, under Puel though the whole team, either by instruction or lack of invention, collectively decided not to shoot but keep the ball instead.

As you say, we’ll see.


Very true. I don’t miss the Puel days. As it happens, I’m currently in Spain watching the England game in the same sports bar that I watched us lose 0-1 to Stoke in Puel’s last game in charge. Making it 5 consecutive home games without a goal! :man_facepalming:t3:

I do actually think Redmond will fair better under a British manager who won’t over complicate the role of a winger. Admittedly that won’t be hard. He also has the benefit of reaching rock bottom last season, so the only way is up!